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G752vs gaming center error(Please Help)

Level 7
So I just uninstalled Gaming Center and asked for a restart. Then it goes and display the message "Getting Windows ready Do not turn off your computer. And it's stuck there.......I tried to force power off by holding down the power button but it didn't work. Please help.......

*Update: After hours n hours of cursing at Game Center, nothin happened. Just as I about to give up, I unplugged the power cord and spaming the power button 20+ times, it booted -.- I'm getting sketchy about g752vs oc edition.......

Level 10
All ASUS bloatware, including the gaming center are very buggy. Ive stopped counting how many times ive reinstalled it.

I have to agree, buggy as heck. The weird part is gaming center is gone but my backlighting still works. So I'm confused as what happened. Oh well, it gives no potential risk right now......for now 😕