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G752VS - black Screen, no Boot with new Hyperx Impact RAM

Level 7

I bought an G752VS BA336T but meanwhile the stock RAM of 8 GB becomes insufficient. So I decided to buy new RAM. I checked the specs as far as I understand what is important. One Slot of DDR4 2400MHz is installed. So I bought Kingston HyperX Impact RAM since it has low CL rating.

Two of such RAM modules is what I bought:

When I install the RAM and try to switch on the laptop the screen stays black! I can hear the HDD beeping twice - but nothin happens afterwards. I used the second bank which is easily accessible but same result. Second RAM Module behaves the same - is there incompatibility of ASUS and the hyperX RAM?? I cannot access BIOS to check if the RAM is recognized. Only black screen....

Anyone some ideas on how to solve the problem?

Thanks for your help.

Level 11
What did Asus tell you when you asked them if this RAM was suitable for your machine? I don't see any QVL for it, is there one?

Level 9
possible that u have changed have changed the memory setting in Intel XTU ? set it do "default".
otherwise the notebook can started just with the saved profile

Level 7
ASUS only said that they have compatibility lists for motherboards, not for laptops. Useless support 😞

Intel XTU was not installed and has not been used.

I received replacement RAM from my vendor and the new modules work just fine. 90 sek black screen - autoconfigure or whatever when switching on the first time. But afterwards it runs just fine and boots as fast as with the old one.

Thanks for the advice and best regards.

Level 9
asus support...;)
i have tested kingston hyperX with 2666Mhz on this same notebook without a problem and it works ..: )

Level 9

ASUS list the following memory:

Asus DDR4 2400 SO-D 8G 260P
Part No. : 03A08-00050400

Asus DDR4 2400 SO-D 8G 260P
Part No. : 03A08-00050600

Asus DDR4 2400 SO-D 16GB 260P
Part No. : 03A08-00060400

Asus DDR4 2800 SO-DIMM 16GB 260P
Part No. : 03A08-00080000
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