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G752VS 1070GTX with an extra monitor, please help!

Level 8
Hey, as the Title sais.. i run with the regular G752VS laptop monitor 120Hz IPS + one extra 24" AOC led monitor connectec throu HDMI.

So.. i bought the cheapest AOC monitor available and dont have much expectations tbh, but i have one question thou..

When start the computer the extra monitor with the HDMI (settings are on "extend screen") are SO bright... too bright.. and the colors looks.. well.. bad.. and yeah... i know i know.. cheapest monitor blablabla.... BUT.. here's where it gets interesting...

Then i use FN/F8 and press Duplicate and then back to Extend screen (even thou this was the exact same settings as before) and the screen goes in to a much darker state with better colors... and i have to do this EVERY time my computer been in sleeping mode,been turned off or rebooted...

so, my questions then.. is there any way to make this darker, better looking setting to stick without me having to redo the FN/F8 thing all the time?
And why does it keep on resetting the brightness on the extra monitor even thou it goes back to "the darker, better looking state" when i redo the FN/F8 Extend thing without even touching any brightness settings...?

it does not feel like it has something to do with the monitor menu settings, because every setting looks the same even thou the screen is brighter or darker..

The monitor is a AOC E2470SWH 23.6" / 1ms / HDMI, DVI / VESA... Cheap i know... but it does work pretty good and i'm happy with the picture after i've done the FN/F8 thing again.. and again.. and again..

could it be that the screen does not recon that it is connected? (even thou it sais "HDMI" when the screen comes back to life and the picture shows) or did they just forgot the build in memory or something? xD

Please help ❤️


Level 10
I would hook it to another source and see if its the monitor or the laptop thats doing the brighter display setting. Or hook your laptop to a different monitor via HDMI and see if the same occurs. You just have to find out of its the Laptop or the Monitor causing the problem. I would also check to see if you have the Asus Splendid app installed. I know some on here say to avoid it like the plague. I know I uninstalled in on my G752.
(ROG has simply become too expensive compared to the competition with same specs... 😞 )
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ASUS Splendid Display might be the issue.

Personally I love the program.. don't understand the hate about it.. love the orange filter to keep the dead white from straining my eyes. ;d

Although if you're duping the screen, I assume that's when Splendid would be applied?

Your initial connection might just need some default setting tweaks in the GPU menu..?

Never heard if this issue, will do a little poking, see how it works. ;x

Level 8
Thanks for the answers! i've tried connect my tv.. and as it seems .. the tv screen got darker after i redo the duplicate thingie.. so obviously it's something the computer does on it's own.. and not the screen... and on the tv.. it looked even better when i just restarted the computer.. so i didnt even have to re-duplicate the screen.. because then in my opinion it got to dark.. but obviously my AoC screen is to "bright" so i need that extra darkness 😛

i tried to remove my ASUS splendid.. but still the same =/ so splendid does not seems to be the issue either..

and yeah.. hehe i know.. so wierd... =/

Level 8
bump ^

pleeeaaase help 😛