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G752VM RMA Losing Power

Level 7
I bought my first ever laptop, an ASUS G752VM in March. I bought it because I work away some times and I'm emigrating from the UK to Canada next year. I would be without my PC for awhile when it is shipping but I can take the laptop onboard the plane with me.

It just happened that I haven't worked away since I bought the laptop and so beside from less than an hour playing Shadow of Mordor and about 10 hours of Netflix it hasn't been used.

I hadn't used it or turned it on in around two months because I'd been away on two holiday. I thought I'd play some Cities Skylines on it one day and it kept turning off. I thought it may be a temperature issue but I checked and it wasn't. It even turned off in idle. Then I realised the battery wasn't charging, after an hour on charge it was stuck on 54%. It then jumped from around 52% to 3% in a few minutes when I used it unplugged.

I am pretty annoyed that I've spent £1500 on an ASUS laptop, my first ever laptop and I'm having problems. Especially since I've hardly ever used it.

ASUS have said I need to RMA the laptop, I've read all kinds of horror stories about the RMA process but ASUS assure me this is just from the minority of disgruntled customers. I decided to make this thread to hopefully provide a positive experience for people who need to use the process. My laptop will be collected tomorrow so this may yet end up another negative experience.


  • 25/26th October 2017 - Laptop is turning off like it has lost power or is overheating (but it doesn't feel hot).
  • 27th October 2017 - I ring ASUS, I'm not overly impressed with the way the call goes or the persons attitude. The guy is asking me what I have done to solve the problem. I asked him if there is something he'd want me to do? I tell him I've bought a laptop which is turning itself off and so I don't feel like I should be doing anything to fix it and that it is the manufacturers responsibility as it is clearly faulty. He says I should RMA it. I read about the RMA process online and read lots of horror stories and zero positive experiences. My laptop is in brand new condition, I'm now very worried about the condition I'll get my laptop back in.
  • 28th October 2017 - I remember the battery was only at 50ish% and so I thought I'd have the laptop on charge for a bit before I send it in. This is when I notice it isn't charging and turns off in idle. I'm pretty busy due to work and the emigration plans so I don't do anything with the laptop for a week.
  • 7th November 2017 - I ring ASUS to see if there's any checks I or they can perform to avoid me sending the laptop off. They can't and so it needs to be sent off, this time the person I'm speaking to is very friendly. I told ASUS customer service my concerns and she said the only people who write on the internet are those who have had problems with the service and they're usually customers who have accidental damage to their laptops such as water damage and are trying to get a free repair. I thought it does sound quite realistic that only the disgruntled customers ever write about their process and so I thought I'd write a forum thread about my experience. I haven't actually sent the laptop so I don't know if this will be positive or negative.
  • 7th November 2017 - I get an email to arrange collection the next day (Wednesday 8th October 2017). I'm pretty impressed by how quick they arranged a courier, it took them around 5 hours and I was offered next day collection. Unfortunately I'm not available then and so my laptop will be collected on the 9th November 2017. I've taken pictures and a video of my laptop due to my concerns with it potentially being damaged during the RMA process.

I'll keep this thread updated as things progress. I'm hoping I have a positive experience and then when people google the RMA process in the future, they'll see my thread and see some glimmer of hope that the RMA process will work.