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G752VM issues in "AHCI" bios mode

Level 7

I'm the owner of a ROG G752VM laptop which has been working quite well for nearly 3 years. However, it seems to suffer from a very nasty "bug/feature" related to AHCI / RAID mode in the bios.

When windows 1703 was out, I've installed my system on the Toshiba NVME SSD that came with the laptop.
Bios was set to "AHCI" mode for this occasion (the default was "RAID", which I thought was not relevant, so I changed it...)

The system installation went without any hurdle (the NVME SSD and the SATA harddisk were both recognized in the list of disk in the windows 10 installer program).
However, when REBOOTING between each driver installation, the laptop would randomly "hang" (there would be the ROG logo, without the cycling dots that indicates Windows is loading). Everytime this happened, I had to forcibly power-off the laptop. And everytime I would power it on again, it would ALWAYS load Windows perfectly.

In everyday use, the laptop would always boot correctly from the powered-off state, but would randomly fail to boot when rebooting.

**It is NOT linked to fast boot option in Windows 10, as I have tried disabling it without improvement.**

During a full reinstall for Windows 10 1803, I had reset the bios options to its defaults, switching to RAID mode in the process. The install went OK, and I noticed that the laptop would no longer have the reboot problem! I understood that the RAID mode was the "way to go" but I could not explain why (apparently, it seems to be linked to the way the Intel Rapid Storage Driver work, but cannot explain further)

In the meantime, I've purchased a Samsung 970Pro NVME that I installed in my laptop before fully reinstalling with Windows 1903. But this SSD has a quirk: for the Samsung NVME drivers to be installable, one must be in AHCI mode!! I had flashed bios 308 two months before, and decided to reinstall my laptop in AHCI mode, hoping it would work.
The installation went OK, but EVERYTIME the laptop was rebooted, Windows would not load (ROG logo with no cycling dots). However, the PC stills boots perfectly from a powered-off state.

Question: does someone experience the same issues? In this cas, Is there a way to make the "AHCI" mode usable?

Thanks a lot for your feedback


Level 12
Don't use the Samsung drivers, instead use the Intel Rapid Storage drivers found in your eSupport folder.

Good Luck
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