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G752VM (i7 Gen6) Unexpected Shut Downs

Level 7
Hiya, so I've had this G752VM (i7 6700HQ) for a few years now and had to replace the CPU fan before, this was about a year or so ago. I just did a fresh OS install and in the middle of the night my laptop just shuts off unexpected. Windows reports:

"The previous system shutdown at 1:45:22 AM on ‎10/‎13/‎2020 was unexpected."

"The speed of processor 2 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 1 seconds since the last report."

There is 7 other warnings for the above message but for processor 5,3,7,1,4,6,0 in that order.

I have never run into this issue before with my laptop but starting to investigate to see if I can't find the issue, my temps for the CPU average around 44C at idle and nothing but windows running and maybe a few background task. The GPU sits at 43C at idle no load. I know this is a laptop but still this seems higher then normal to me, so I ran up and overridden the fans to 100%, what is tripping me out is that they seem to randomly drop speed and at times spike to a really high RPM. I can feel air coming from both fans on the back side of the laptop so the fans are running. I also see random spikes to max RPM for a very short period at idle load.

Just curious is anyone knows how to further troubleshoot this, or if I should just do a complete tear down, air blow/clean and redo the thermal paste on the GPU/CPU heatsinks (still original factory paste, "Arctic Alumina" on hand :)? Also why am I seeing drops in the fan speed at 100% fan speed?



Level 7
Not a lot of feedback on this one. Figured since I own a similar box I'd ask a few more questions. Do you know what caused the initial CPU fan failure? And, most importantly, did you replace with an OEM unit from ASUS? And what is the app you are using to "adjust" your fan speeds? I tried an app once called Speed Fan, don't remember if it worked or what. My CPU temps at more or less idle run 38-44C just watching them on an app called CPUID HWMonitor. The ROG Gaming Center app agrees with this temperature spread. Neither of these apps indicate CPU or GPU fan rpm, so that is an unknown. In my experience, crashes where the OS either reports it was unexpected or doesn't report anything at all are usually GPU related. It appears from your timeline that the shutdowns started after a clean OS install. Did you reinstall any of the various ASUS drivers? Some or most of them are probably bloatware, but one or two may be necessary. The chipset drivers come to mind. I'll let you be the judge of what might be useful, and it could be trial/error to find what works. Lastly, you might want to run an app to check your RAM. A memory fault can cause a random shutdown also.
N71JQ-A1, G752VM-RB71, GX703HR-XB96

Level 7
Wanted to update what I've previously posted. I found a way to see what the CPU and GPU fans were running at. It is in the ROG Gaming Center app, in the left side CPU panel under System Information, select the properties gear icon in the Turbo Gear Configuration menu. It will show various real time values of the CPU and GPU including fan speed. Also wanted to share a link to another resource on the Notebook Review website. There are several other threads that discuss ROG laptops, but the main one is

Happy hunting!
N71JQ-A1, G752VM-RB71, GX703HR-XB96