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G752VM GPU temp difference on battery and while plugged

Level 7
Hi guys. I own ROG G752VM and I noticed really huge GPU temp difference when playing games while plugged in and when playing while it's on battery.

To clarify, for example, I played this new game called "Little Nightmares", and when I play while plugged in, temp goes all the way to 75 Celsius, and fans are really spinning. When I play while on battery, temperature is around 48 and laptop barely makes a sweat with no performance impact what so ever.

Now, I know on battery it is lover clock speed and power consumption to prolong the battery life, but can it really be that much of a difference??? Is 75 a bit too high for this type of game, or am I just imagining it?

I mean, I play Outlast 2 or Batman Arckham Knight, WoW, etc., and temps are always in the range of 60-75. and fans tend to get rally noisy sometimes. On my old G74SX GPU never, or rarely, went over 60, so I'm a bit confused here...

Please let me know what temps you guys have on this laptop. Are these temperature readings and differences normal for his laptop?

Thanx in advance.

Higher clock generally means more power and more power means more heat. So that's normal. And 75c is acceptable so don't worry. If the card gets too hot it will throttle automatically.

The particular game might not be very well optimized or you might be getting way more FPS when plugged in and not notice. If the game has an FPS limiter setting you could try setting that to ease the load.
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Thanks for the reply... I understand the logic, it's just that difference is so huge... If on battery was around 48°C, you would expect that while plugged in would be maybe 55-60. This 75°C is almost 30 degrees difference... It made me think smth. was wrong with laptop's power management while charging.... Specially when may old laptop's GPU never went so high.... But if everyone else is getting similar temps, I guess it is normal, and I can relax...

Yup, the power limitation is pretty severe on battery. You just don't notice because the game isn't very demanding. People playing demanding games on high quality settings find the framerates drop to almost unplayable levels when running on battery. The difference is that significant.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…