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G752VM - Battery has constant capacity loss when the notebook is turned off

Level 7
Hello every1!

I own or to be more exactly I try to own an ASUS ROG G752VM-GC017T (90NB0D61-M00830) notebook.
Why try!?
Well at the moment my local electronic store orders the forth G752VM for me.
1st: Had a defective Pixel (a shiny red one)
2nd and 3rd: The battery of both notebooks constantly lose capacity when the notebook is turned off. If I say "turned off" I mean it that way - not in standby, not in hybernation. I even disabled the Windows 10 "fast boot option". Also I disconnected all USB devices and the LAN cable.
In this state, the battery loses around 2.5% capacitiy in 24 hours.
The result of a long time test showed that after a constant shutdown for 10 days, the battery capacity droped from 90% to 64%.
Another test showed that after some shutdown days (battery at shutdown around 15% capacity) just the red power LED went on and the keyboard illumination was flickering for some seconds nothing else. Pluging in the power supply and then turning on the notebook works fine. After login the the battery was charging at 1%. So whatever the hardware is doing, it drains the battery completly empty. Not very healthy for the battery from my POV. 😞

Also I want to mention that notebook 2 and 3 had a complete empty battery out of the box.
Also both notebooks had all the actual Windows 10 patches installed and also the BIOS was up to date when the tests took place.

My questions now are .....
-) Did anyone else experienced such behavior of the battery capacity?
-) If Yes - Is this a "works as designed" situation or is it a (design) flaw / error?

Many thanks in advance for any help or advise from you guys!!

Best regards
(un)Lucky Luke 😉

PS: I apologise in advance for all the syntax and grammer mistakes I made.

Level 7
The USB power might be the culprit, or may as well be a design flaw. My VT model expresses the same issues with the draining battery. Unplugging it doesn't turn off the power to the ports, which is why my controller has its lights on even if its completely off and unplugged. This isn't on its powered port either. I've not investigated the BIOS, but I will shortly to experiment with its power settings.

EDIT:Well, one can assume that Asus hasn't bothered to add a setting for USB power settings in their BIOS. It's always on, and not even their own utility lets you turn that off other than changing thresholds...

Level 7
I had the battery problem you mentioned, with my laptop battery for my X550J draining even though it was shut down and unplugged.*

One suggestion I have is to uninstall the Intel Management Engine drivers completely from your device manager and have windows reinstall them from scratch. Other forums have said doing this may solve your problem.*

I can confirm too that purchasing a replacement battery did not solve my problem. *

Hello guys!

Thanks a lot for your replys and comments.
In the meantime my new G752VM arrived and - no surprise for myself - the battery is drained out again.
Well, I believe that this is a works as designed situation.
Even I don't use the notebook every day, at least a month the battery should last if fully charged.

The next time - plan is in 3 to 4 years - I buy a notebook I take a close look if the battery is removeable!!! 😉

Thanks again for the help and I try now to enjoy this fine piece of hardware. 🙂

Cu @ll

Level 10
Uninstall ASUS USB Charger Plus. I did that a long time ago and battery is still very healthy.