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G752vl bios update 303 procedure?

Level 7
I don't really have a full grasp when it comes to updating BIOS. My laptop is currently at American Megatrends Inc. G752VL.208, 2015-09-23
It's outdated, that is what I know at least.

Do I have to update it to BIOS 219 before proceeding to BIOS 303?

Where could I download Easy Flash?

Do I need to use WinFlash or not?

Should I update BIOS within Windows or do I have to access something else?

Links to steps would be very much appreciated

Thank you in advance

Level 10
1 - Download latest BIOS from ASUS support website for your particular unit.

2 - Extract BIOS file from zip/rar file you downloaded.

3 - Place the extracted file in your C:\ drive.

4 - Reboot unit - press ESC or F2 as soon as your unit restarts

5 - Enter BIOS and scroll across to ''Advanced''

6 - Enter Easy Flash

7 - Press Enter on Main Drive (Usually FS1)

8 - Select BIOS file you downloaded earlier

9 - Voila, it should now flash the new BIOS

10 - After restart, go back into BIOS, press F9, then F10.

Then you're all good 🙂

Level 7