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G752VL Audio -- Low output solved with new drivers

Level 7
Hi all,

I got this laptop (G752VL) from Best Buy a few weeks ago.
I've had a problem with the low audio output and the Sonic Studio software, but I have now found a fix with the drivers that I pulled from Realteks FTP site.

These drivers / software work

You can get this file by following the link below, you will need to enter a username and password to get access.

username: spcust
password: hwwk758z

Once you have the file, unzip / unpack it and run the setup.exe file, reboot the laptop to finish off the install, then reboot again.
You will now have an extra tab to allow you to make changes to the sound output as shown in the pictures I've attached here.

This may work with other G752 laptops as well, feel free to try and see how it works out for you.

Level 7
thank for you share but not change for my g752vl
no boost or better sounding..

You have a driver conflict, so you need to do the following.

Uninstall the Realtek Audio drivers via Programs and Features in the Control Panel, don't reboot the PC.

Run Device Manager and select 'Show hidden devices' under the view tab (see pic below).

Uninstall all the Realtek devices under Audio inputs and outputs (right click on each Realtek item)

Uninstall all the Realtek devices under Sound, video and game controllers (right click on each Realtek item)

Reboot PC

Install the drivers from this zip file >>

You should end up with the same items that are show in the pictures below in Device Manager.

Hi CladMaster

Sorry for my english im french Quebec Canada

Yes , i have all same options
but the sound is not better before - after cleaning and reinstall 2 times

probably my old drivers is OK
I use alway Orbit driver update or driverpack for update all drivers

You can compare the G572VL with other laptop ex .. Asus N56VZ or HP8560W and the G752 is very poor and low volume level..

My old asus N56VZ play 300% more louder

The speaker location and power really badly chosen for a laptop of this price

Level 7
Oh wow. I think you finally did it. After installing the new driver the sound wont actually improve but if you set it up right. Then the difference is night and day. Here is what I did and probably best if you can play a good sound file while doing these steps so you actually hear the difference while changing them. I prefer Hotel California (live) from Hell Freezes Over album.

on the second tab
Environment - Auditorium
Loudness Equalization - Checked
Equalizer - Powerful

on first tab
speaker configuration
-choose 5.1 Speaker
-then uncheck everything except for Subwoofer, front left and right, swap center/subwoofer, enable bass management

Note that I actually didn't have any audio problems before this because I've already uninstalled Sonic Studio and installed DFX Audio Enhancer.

Please can you tell me if these are new drivers
for G752VL Realtek High Definition Audio (HDA) R2.8x (7982) WHQL ??
Which version to choose 7982 or 7954 ??
You have to uninstall old version or just run exe and the installation removes old version?〈=fr
Thank you

I've not used the 7982 driver set so I can not comment.