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G752V No ROG Logo Or BIOS

Level 7
The laptop (G752V) will not even show the ROG logo much less get into the BIOS. When I turn the laptop on the fans go full RPM and never reduce speed. I'm pretty sure when it was working the fans would slow down and the ROG logo would appear. I have the onboard screen disconnected with an external display and it never receives a signal.

I have to believe something overheated but this is the first time I've seen a computer go dead because of it. My friend actually has an older G750JS that still overheats but just shuts itself off.

I can't remember the BIOS version but I had successfully migrated to an M2 storage and am still using the M2 storage device now on another computer. I had a bad habit of thinking I had exited a game but was still at the load screen which was making the poor guy still work hard. I think that was the last thing that happened before it went unresponsive.

I'm toying with the idea of buying a replacement mobo for the thing from ebay to see if it might help but wondering if the community has any suggestions before I do that. I have the keyboard tray off but haven't taken the mobo out and flipped it over to look. I assume there is nothing I can do given it's not like repasting thermal will save a dead chip. However, at this point it would feel more satisfactory to see a huge burn mark somewhere to be able to point a finger at.

Anyone have anything to suggest I do or don't do at this point?

Thanks in advance to all that read this.