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G752 combo audio jack

Level 7
From the specification on ASUS site i can see G752 has something called "1 x COMBO audio jack", and I have a HUGE CONCERN about this particular part.
Has anyoone from G752 owners tried using some headphones already?
Does someone have an info about what jack pinout setup is supposed to work with these combo audio ports?

The reason for my concerns are my previous ASUS laptop from N series with combo jack, that isn't working with any of my headphones, which are:
Senn HD518; Senn HD598; AKG K430; Senn Momentum M2 AEG (tried both 4-pin original cable and 3-pin cable from original Momentum)
I get really pissed off when i can't connect a proper 300 bucks headset from a well-known brand. If this will be the case for G752 then i'll consider other brand.
I would return that laptop, but I have external sound card, and a guy from ASUS tech proven it was working with his KOSS Porta Pro.

Offtopic: Is it really THAT hard to do a proper dedicated headset+mic jacks + combined jack in a huge 17' 2k$+ laptop?

Level 7
The combo port just seems to be a headphone/spdif jack. I've plugged in a cheap pair of skullcandy uprock headphones and that works just fine there.

I tried doing some investigation, and was quite frustrated with ASUS tech support capabilities. Specifically, you cant ask a question about a product you don't own. I don't count possible phone call as an option as it will probably drain buttload of time and money and probably is based on the same annoying "N rounds of 'press 1 to do this, press 2 to do that' to reach the final 'hold the line until you die'".

As Christmas and New Year approaching, the chances that I'll buy myself ROG laptop as a present are decreasing each day.
And the main disadvantage of top ASUS ROG laptop line so far is that it doesn't exist, having 4 months passed since the announcement. Local gaming shop told me first G752VYs are expected to arrive "within 2 weeks".

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Level 14
Yes it will take a fiber optic for digital play back other wise its just a stereo plug. Asus has been putting these in since at least the G75VW. not positive but this link if for what you would use is you wanted to toslink out.
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This is no problem, really. You have 3 (three) jacks on the laptop: microphone, headphone and the combo headphone/spdif.

EDIT: visibly, I am mistaken, it's combo headphone/spdif, microphone and audio in.

So no idea if headphones will be a problem.
Will try later on.