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G751jy weird battery issue

Level 7
So I live in what you'd call a third-world country where the power goes out for at least 4-5 hours a day.
I've had my G751jy for a year and half give or take... it used to last for like 2 hours of video streaming until very recently
Now windows 10's meter says 3:40 to 4:00, sometimes 10 hours remaining no matter what i'm doing; streaming or just web browsing the meter stays the same.
Like it's no longer doing real-time calculation. I honestly haven't shut down the unit much since i've had it, I either put it to sleep or hibernate, so I wouldn't blame the battery if it chose to give in.
Today it didn't even last 15 minutes, it just powered off. No warnings or whatever. Another thing is that Windows 10 says "Working on updates" almost every (probably every) time this happens!
Could this have anything to do with it? seems unlikely. Windows 10's battery report doesn't show any big changes apart from the Capacity History going down from 61,567 mWh to 61,275 mWh,
but that one is not really consistent since it's playing seesaw all the time. Plus the Recent Usage table lists the remaining capacity at 91% when it was "Suspended"..

Anyone experiencing this kind of thing? any idea what's happening?