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G751JY - Twitch streaming and CPU heat

Level 7
Hi there!

I own the G751JY (i7 4710HQ, GTX980m, 24 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10) and startet to experiment a little with OBS-streaming to Twitch. After some time I recognized that this regularly takes the CPU (when the encoding is done via the CPU) to it's limits (100% CPU usage). Even though these are mostly peaks and only very seldom the regular usage, I startet to fear that it might kill my CPU. So I did some research and found out that the temperature is the most important aspect when it comes to very high utilization of the hardware components. So I downloaded the software "Core Temp" as well as "GPU-Z" in order to do some test streams with several adjustments in OBS to find my "sweet spot" between stream quality and CPU/GPU usage. I found this point with the following settings in OBS:

Rate control: CBR
Bitrate: 3300
Buffer Size: 3300
CPU usage preset: very fast
Output resolution: 1280*720 (720p)
Common FPS value: 60
Process priority: normal

With these settings the CPU temps went up to 89 °C (at peaks...average around 82 °C) and the GPU stays around 70 °C. I think the heat which is on the GPU is still fine but I worried little regarding my CPU. So I began some further research in the internet to find out if this will damage my G751 over time and found some...let's say quite contradictory info. Some say that 70 °C is already dangerous and some say that the temps in a gaming notebook can go up to 100-105 °C without any throttling and/or damage to happen.

Still I wanted to try to get rid of at least some °C. In order to do so I used some tips that I found in this forum (I read a lot here already, because there's tons of useful information!): Install the most current BIOS version (check) and get some space between the laptop and the platform it stand on (check). You have to know that I use a cooling pad with 3 fans running at 1200 RPM. This has already 2 build in "foots" which I can put up so that the back of the cooling pad and so the laptop are a little higher than the front.

By doing so I gained some °C - Now the peak is at 85 °C and the average temp around 80°C (all cores). For my testings I played the following games for 15-20 minutes at Ultra graphic settings:

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

I still lose some frames while streaming but they are below 1% of all frames...I think that's ok.

So why am I writing all this information? Even though I found some posts in this forum where users have written that temps up to 100 °C are still fine for the ROG notebooks, I wanted to ask if anyone else here is streaming with the G751JY and having the same temps. Furthermore I would highly appreciate to get some info about the settings you use in OBS.

I hope it's ok to ask these questions in this part of the forum.

If you need any more info, please feel free to ask.

Have a good night and thanks in advance;)


Level 7
Noone here using OBS with this machine?

Level 10
While I no longer have a G751JY and don't stream using OBS, I have another suggestion that might help. Have you tried undervolting your CPU to further reduce heat? I've seen on other forums that somewhere between an undervolt of 60-80mV on the 4720HQ is a sweet spot for lower temps and reliable stability.

Thanks for the answer Ancients!

Yes, I have been thinking about undervolting my CPU after I have read about this option to reduce heat in this forum. Still this does not seem to be so harmless (even though I am used to some hardware/software tinkering, I haven't done this undervolting before) and therefore I decided not to touch it for the time least until the temperature does not increase significantly.

Level 7

Hi Guys,

When Twitch streaming on the G751JY, ensure optimal performance by monitoring CPU heat. Excessive heat can impact streaming quality and overall system health. Consider using cooling pads, maintaining proper ventilation, and possibly adjusting streaming settings for smoother broadcasts.