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G751JY Thunderbolt 2 or 3, will I be able to connect an external graphics box?

Level 7
I've a later version of G751JY acquired on October 2015, with G-Sync.
I was wandering if I have still Thunderbolt 2 or the newer 3, and if I'll be able to connect an external graphic card box in the future if needed.

Level 13
Its a type2 mini display port, not the USB 3.1 Type C with Thunderbolt that is in the G752 models.

Should be able to connect external graphics though I have not tried it.

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Level 7
So the XG2 promo videos where the rep talks about connectivity, he says it's x2 usb-c but they are trying to take advantage of both usb-c & Thunderbolt. He's talking about Thunderbolt 3? How can a system have one or the other if they are the same?

Level 7
even they know how to connect xg2 to g751 products, I think they will not make it for business purposes

Level 7
This is a very good question.I also have the G751Jy with the thunderbolt 2 and usb 3 connectors(not 3.1 type c).

Will we be able to connect the XG2 or not?

I hope we can ASUS! After the fiasco with the G-SYNC I want to be able to connect this XG2 box to my 2 year old ASUS laptop!!!

Hope someone from ASUS will get back with an answer. Or not......

Level 13
Please don't take this down that road again. The G sync was not a fiasco. If you bought a machine before it was available in that model then that's just the luck of the draw. ASUS has done what no other manufacturer has ever done and tried to do a retrofit, not because it was owed to anyone, just to make people happy. Well that went over like a rudder on a ducks butt and has caused them more headaches than it was worth. Should have just left it as is.

The XG2 specs thunderbolt 3 over USB C, so guess what? If you don't have USB C connector with thunderbolt 3 then its not compatible. Whats next, people with G73s going to insist an upgrade to the pascal GPUs? Maybe I should have a hissy fit becuase the pascal is coming out in the next machine and my G752VY is only 4 months old so they should upgrade mine to pascal for free? Sorry folks, technology is continuously evolving. This is not new news. The minute you commit to buy anything within a month or two something that supersedes it is announced and its obsolete in a year.

There are alternatives for thunderbolt 2, see link in the second post of this thread. The XG2 is not one of them.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein