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G751JY Sata ports speed?

Level 7
Hi everyone. I'm kind a new in this forum and just trying my luck if anyone could help me out with my problem.

I have a G751JY laptop with i7 4720HQ (3.6Ghz), GTX 980m, 32GB DDR3-RAM with 128GB SSD (Sandisk X300s) and 1TB HDD.

I recently bought a Samsung 850 Pro 256GB to replace my 128GB Sandisk SSD. But to no avail, im really having problems cloning this
system to my new SSD (Windows doesn't boot at all). I've tried different cloning softwares like Ease-US, AOMEI, Macrium Reflect and even
the samsung migration software. I even tried cloning this system to my old Intel 530 SSD 180GB using Intel migration software, still no luck.

In the end, so that just I can make use of this 850 Pro, I installed it in place of the 1TB HDD then install my games there.

I did a crystal disk benchmark and was surprised that the 850 Pro was only delivering half of the speed it was supposed to. While the
Sandisk X300s gives a normal result. Funny thing is, if i do a benchmark using a USB 3.0 to SATA adaptor, I am having better results.

My question is, is the 2 sata ports running at different speed? Im running at bios 205 currently.

This is the Samsung 850 Pro benchmark:

And here is the Sandisk X300s benchmark:

Thanks in advance guys.. 😃

Level 12
The G751's have a SATA II port in the 2nd Bay... yup.

The G751's with an M.2 Port in the 1st Bay also have a SATA III port in the 1st Bay... yup.

And, you can fit 2 drives in the 1st Bay, if you mount without caddy's and make'em naked... wild.

How to add a 4th drive to your G751

The best thing to put in the 2nd Bay would likely be a 2TB HDD, as even at highest speed it won't get slowed down by SATA II.

Thanks a lot. I thought the 2 sata ports both run at SATA 3 😛

Level 7
La versione ssd M.2 samsung sm951 in commercio trovata in europa e quella nvme, sulla Asus g751 non viene riconosciuto come
di disco di boot acquistate il modello xp941 ahci.