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G751JY keyboard suffered a small spill. How hard is it to replace? Correct part?

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I spilled a little chicken soup on my keyboard. It was a pretty small amount so I just wiped it off... I was watching youtube at the time, not really doing much. About 20 minutes later I went to type something and when I press a few keys (such as P or O), it gives a back slash, jumps to home (like it thinks I hit the "home" key), or some other things. I shut the laptop off and unplugged it after that.

I'm going to leave it up side down over night but I'm worried that I may have permanently damaged the keyboard... so I am consideirng ordering this replacement on amazon

Do you think replacing JUST the keyboard is enough or should I replace the whole panel (like here )

If just the keyboard is okay, how hard is it to do? I hear Asus laptops are notoriously hard to take apart. I have done some small "computer surgery" before, like installing a GPU inside a desktop, but not much experience with laptops.

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There are videos on YouTube on how to disassemble and reassemble be very careful with ribbon and connectors they are all delicate and easily damaged
Only you can see what else will need to be replaced. Most are more or less totaled with a liquid spill effecting the motherboard also especially since you turned the unit back on with the liquid in there. Sometimes I have read that all can be soaked in Alcohol cleaned and dried out and will function again. You will have to open it up to see if the soup penetrated they keyboard down onto the rest of your notebook internals. Generally speaking notebooks that have liquids spilled into them don't survive. We all know this and have all been warned to keep liquids far away from our notebooks.
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I don't think it's quite as bad as that. It still boots up, at least. Although at least one keyboard button is stuck on, about 12 hours of being upside down with a fan pointed at it later...

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Rubbing Alcohol And a Q Tip , Lillle at a Time to clean in under the Key , Let it dry few hours , Key may work after

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Depending on how bad it is and if its already worn in the first place.

You may be able to remove it and use electronic parts cleaner on it but that may dry out some of the keys and change the color and feel.

If it was me Id be going for the OEM panel over the aftermarket keys that is a C&P from a Chinese Ebay listing. Yes Amazon will back it up but would it be worth the PITA of disassembly again. With the full panel you simply remove and replace the top and as Clint pointed out the hardest part are the ribbon cables. They are just tiny and the connectors are flimsy. Toast a connector on the MOBO and you have screwed the pooch! If you attempt the Chinese keyboard then you still have to disassemble the top and remove it then replace the keyboard section in the top so a lot more work.

By far the most difficult part is getting the top off in the first place. Once youve done it a time or two it becomes easy though. Lots of vids that show it. Just search your model and "disassembly". For the most part its just locating the screws from the bottom, popping off the center cover over the hinges in the rear then getting under one of the corners in the back with a thick plastic card. I use two magnetic hotel room keys (Had them from business trips, who doesnt end up with these!) and get them under the edge in the back and start sliding them to the front and around. When you get to one of the catches you will hear a slight pop as it lets go. (same putting it back together)

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I would replace the whole front panel, but I can't seem to find one for sale. Where do you usually get this type of thing?

Edit: I have found the whole panel

But it's 100$, as opposed to just the earlier posted standalone keyboard which is 20$... agh.

Any experience with that site, at least? It says "zand parts", so I don't think this one is OEM either...