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G751JY in RMA by over 2 months, no idea why. Very bad assistance.

Level 7
Hello guys,
I tell you my bad experience, not yet completed, with the Asus support.
Last year I bought an Asus ROG G751JY from the Asus Point of my city, I'm Italian, I use it for work, I rarely play,
I'm a web designer and freelance graphic designer, I needed a lot of power, I don't like Apple's hardware, and mobility as I'm always on the go.
Unfortunately, in March 2016, while I was working on a building site, for my distraction PC ends up under a car.
Over the initial discomfort, the notebook was in tatters, I go on March 7, at the Asus Point of my city to activate the Kasko policy and replace the PC
by paying a contribution of 61 € taxes included, they warn me that it will take about a month, but I already knew because I had read on the forum, a user who
has waited three weeks . On March 18th I am called by Asus Point to pay 61 €. Meanwhile time passes, I have taken a month off, trying to limit the economic damage as possible by working
with my old PC, but from mid-April I go to the suspicious and I call my A.P. for clarification, after telling me not to get news invite them to send reminders, they send 2 email.
The Asus Italy Assistance responds that are repairing the PC. Imagine the surprise, how do you repair a PC to pieces?
Incredibly it were reassembling it piece by piece, however, the problem is that they could not find the outer cover (?), leaving aside the fact that a
manufacturer that does not find its spare parts is ridiculous, I did not understand the logical choice to repair rather than replace it, as indicated by Kasko policy.
Starts the anger, due to the disappointment of the after-sales service, I perceived that the A.P. knew nothing, I called and they said they can only send mail reminder.
So I decided to contact via my Asus account the assistence, we are at 26 April. After explaining the situation, I am told that on 22 April decided that the PC will be replaced.
Strange? But that's okay I think, maybe it's over. I ask news about the return, but they tell me don't be able to give this information, and to address to Asus Point. Guess!
They knew nothing, Jon Snow I say, only the week after, they have confirmed that it was taking place the replacement.
Two weeks have passed since that day and still no news, the call center tells me to wait and request a refund at practice end, that is, even if months go by.
But I do not want money, I want my notebook !!!
The Facebook page, in which I published 2 post hoping to find a more direct channel of communication, telling me to call the assistance. What geniues.
Leaving aside the disappointment of a brand that I considered serious and reliable, the fact remains that for 2 and a half months I can not work, you can imagine the financial damage.
Now I do not put me to say that Asus should be avoided, however, in addition to quality products, the customer must also be extended to quality care.
That 's what makes me sad, I had pc of various brands, but this is the worst post-sales experience ever.
I sent this morning requesting an address to send a letter from my lawyer to request the return of the product in a short time.
I think you agree with me that it is bad enough that a manufacturer in three weeks don't find it, is not the same PC in Europe, but this is a period that would also have been enough to get it directly from Hong Kong.
Not to mention the fact that, as Kasko policy, where the same product is not available, it should provide a more recent.
I will not return the € 1789 + € 61, because then the time should be still for long, either a refund and buy a new PC, and it will not be Asus.
I want an Asus ROG G751JY T7134H, if they are finished, as Kasko policy, give me a higher model or newer with the same characteristics, in short, give me a notebook of that power, BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK!
Thanks Asus.

Level 7
Hello BlueFox
Sorry for the inconvenience
Can you provide your RMA number?
Thank you

Hi Bill2_chang,
I don't have the RMA number because the Asus Point follow the practice and they refuset to provide me the number.
But I send a message to the Support with the serial number and they've founded the practice.
Actually they send only a reminder.
I can provide you the serial if you want.