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G751JY in clamshell mode (external monitor)?

Level 7

I'm looking to buy a new laptop, and so far the G751JY-T7004H (w/ the M2 SSD) is looking really good; I don't really have any other models I'm considering.
However, despite it being a laptop, I'm going to use it with an external monitor (and keyboard+mouse) almost all the time (all day every day, except for 2 hours a month perhaps).

I've heard good things about the cooling system, but can it handle having the lid closed constantly, with virtually no breaks, even if playing demanding games for hours?
My current laptop sucks in air around the screen hinges, so the airflow is restricted when the lid is closed, causing higher temperatures and more fan noise than usual.
I know where the G751 has its exhausts, but not while the intakes are. Also, I'd really welcome some real-life experiences.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Level 7
I sometime use my G751JT with an external monitor, i was curious on the temperatures with lid closed/open.
I think there is no big differences, i only get the CPU (i7 4710) around 2 degrees celcius hotter and the GPU (970m) around 3 (or a little bit more) on the max temperatures.
That was the last time i tested, with Far Cry 4. And that wasn't a rigorous test so i don't know if these degrees really mean something.

Level 9
When I'm playing demanding games on g751jy, the keyboard and palm rest stay cool all the time
. You can use it in clamshell mode without any problem. You will have to use standby mode to wake it up on keyboard input, as the power button is under the lid,