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G751JY fans and battery, original parts vs. third party manufacturer - in USA.

Level 7
Hi guys,

Two questions:
1) Where can we buy new original spare parts in USA, verified quality, not China replicas/substitutes from eBay or second-hand?
2) Since original battery and cooling fans failed within first few months after I bought new G751JY, I have heard that there's high percentage of defective batteries and fans. Hence the question, are there any improved/enhanced high quality batteries and fans out there and where we han buy them in US?

1) Battery cannot be charged above 70%, slow charging, and very short battery life.
2) Fans make crackling noises.
Believe it or not it all started after first few months of use, finally decided to replace both fans and battery, and can't find and reliable source where to buy.


Level 10
Just to share, after only 5 months the keyboard and screen on my new G752VY failed (I treat it very well and it has almost never been moved). I am still having endless problems with it, mostly the constant stutter in most games. So far no solution after 6 months. Extremely unhappy with the laptop.

Level 7
Anyone please?

you can contact Asus to buy the original battery and cooling fan.