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G751JY, drilling holes to reduce high temps?

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I've had G751JY since 2016 already and its thermal performance has never been outstanding, but I was expecting it from this machine when I bought it. I was getting 94-96*°C on CPU(with undervolt) and 78-80°C on GPU under load(mainly gaming). Few months ago, I noticed that GPU temps had increased by almost 10°C and hitting 86-87°C, after which GPU started to drop core clocks from 1125 MHz to 800-850 MHz. I did the repaste with MX-4 on both CPU and GPU, but nothing changed. Idle temps went down, now staying around 45°C(CPU and GPU), but load temps are the same. So, as a last resort, I've been thinking of drilling holes under both CPU and GPU fans in hope of improving thermals. What are your thoughts on this? Is this worth it at all? Is there a chance of disrupting airflow and making things worse? Thanks in advance.

Level 9
Did you clean your fans ? Check you cleaned all area where the air is flowing too.

If you are 100% sure you did a correct repaste and the quality of that paste is good , you can try "Notebook FanControl" (there is a config for G751JY include)

Undervolt your CPU (and your GPU).

If nothing improved repaste with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut if you can (thinking you know how to apply correctly a repaste). I will not tell you to apply Conductonaut (Liquid Metal) but if you want to do it take care to isolate a big part (3-4 cm) of your board around your cpu and gpu with a "3M" Electrical tape who can resist up to 100 degrees. And be aware that a part of the metal on the heatsink will change color due to the chemical reaction with the Liquid Metal.