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G751JY Color Calibration to share?

Level 7
Hey guys. Does anyone here have a good color calibration setting that you wouldn't mind sharing with me? Every day, I find myself fiddling with the display but I can't seem to get the perfect setting for my colors.

If anyone - especially those who use this machine for photography and stuff - has a color profile they don't mind sharing? Please let me know. I would really, really appreciate it.

XOIIO wrote:
hmm, well I uninstalled it, and honestly I can't really see a difference. One I watch a tv show I've watched before maybe I will but I do adjust to schemes quickly considering how many monitors I have and the amount of computers I work with. If it did change it's very subtle, or the setting I had it on before was basically off though I'm sure it was on normal.

XOIIO, did you reboot after uninstall?

You can use the ICC profile from the Splendid installer package, they are in the Color Table folder, use the Windows Color Calibration to install and set as default. Then you have the color correction without the additional Splendid filters.

Whenever I have uninstalled Splendid it is very obvious it is gone, even when it was set on Normal.

Level 7
Yes, I've rebooted a couple times now, I'll have to look into that.

XOIIO wrote:
Yes, I've rebooted a couple times now, I'll have to look into that.

XOIIO, post #5 in this thread and the links there in can help you with this: