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G751JY Blinking Battery LED [Solved]

Level 7
Hello there,

I've got a one year-old G751JY. Today when launching a random game, the fans suddenly started working real loud, as never before, for no particular reason. Then the battery LED started blinking green and orange. Might have been cause the day before, I switched off the computer in a hurry when noticing some elements overheated up to 80°C after only 10mn of The Witcher 3 (game was running smooth on screen though. Anyway).

Aside from the fact I'll never play this game again, I tried a couple things including uninstalling/reinstalling the battery drivers from the device manager. Now the LED is blinking orange only.

Now battery won't charge anymore, and judging from the sound the computer made when the LED started blinking, I think it's dead.

The thing is, I don't want to send my computer in support nor repair cause my warranty is expired (2 weeks too late) 😄 and I'd like to try by myself removing and replacing the battery before making any expense.

Heard it's impossible due to the fact it is a built-in, non-removable battery on this model.

So two words : help please!


Hello everyone,

I hope this thread is still under attention so that I don’t have to open a new one.
I got a similar problem with my ASUS ROG751 JY Laptop. A few days ago I recognized that the battery LED was blinking permanently orange fast. I found this thread so I tried the „power button fix“. The battery LED was not blinking anymore, but the charge status in Windows 10 said that the battery is not fully charged after a few hours. It remains at 89% and never goes far. When I disconnected the power supply the status in Windows still remains at 89% so after a couple of time the Laptop turned off hard. After that i reconnected the power supply. The battery was charging and the battery LED started to blink again as it reached 89%. Now the battery status in Windows is shown correctly, but the battery still isn’t going over 89%.

The Laptop is out of guarantee since a couple of time so I would replace the battery by an OEM one by myself, but i want to be shure that it is really the battery who is the problem and not the charger or the Laptop itself.

Is anybody able to say that it is defenitely the battery, that is making problem and that a replacement will fix it?

Greetings from germany

Customer Service Agent
I will suggest you to shut down the laptop first, then press the power key 30 seconds to reset Embed Controller and charge the battery again.
If it is still no work, please take your laptop to our local service center for comprehensive inspection and help you to fix the problem. Sorry for the trouble.
The following is the contact information:

Also you can contact the local service center for help. The following is the contact information:

Level 7
Hi all,

I'm having the same problem. This has been happening for about two years now since my battery became faulty.
The battery would only charge till 84%, but it still worked so I didn't bother, and when the orange light started blinking I would do the 'power button fix' which worked for some days/weeks.

My issue now is that the battery still charges to 84% but when I unplug the AC adapter the laptop just dies. No problem though, I don't need the battery really, so I got the battery out and only use the AC adapter....
But the damn orange light start blinking again, now everytime I use the laptop for a few hours. It's irritating me, because there is no more battery!
I could just unplug the indicator lights ... but what I want to know is, is it safe to use the laptop this way, without a battery?
I only want to buy a new one if it's really necessery.

Also, I disabled the battery with device manager to see if that helps anything, but by doing so the GPU will be shut down because of some error. whats up with that?

Thanks for any advice

Level 8
i Got the Red blinking Power indicator,, while my laptop is plug and the charge is above 92%, Battery Condition is at 21% Wear (G751JT)

One solution i tried that actually work me

- Unplug the Power adapter from the laptop
- Hold the power button for 1 minute (Yes, one minute, even if its already off)
- Turn the laptop power on again (Battery light should be off)
- Plug the power adapter to the laptop (Battery Light Should be Steady RED - indicates that the battery is now charging)

Hopes this Helps