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G751JY 0% plugged in not charging

Level 7
I purchased a ROG g751JY about 2 1/2 years ago. After about 6 months the battery would say 0% available, plugged in and charging but it would NOT charge.
I could operate with the power adapter attached however my machine came with a flaw to the power port that the plug keeps falling out. Everytime it barely got moved it would fall out and my laptop shut off.

It eventually followed this path
1. 0% plugged in charging, would not charge, but could operate as long as the plug didn't fall out
2. 0% plugged in NOT charging, same operation as above
3. 0% plugged in, NOT charging, and would only stay on for about 2 minutes
4. 0% plugged in NOT charging and immediately shuts off when rebooted

I wrote to asus and they charged me over $300 to send it back and have it repaird, supposidly the port and a new battery
Got it back and it worked fine until about 2 weeks ago when I shut the power adapter cord in my recliner foot when I put it down and it severed the cord. I sent and paid $100 for a new power adapter.
Got it back yesterday

Plugged it in, laptop fired right up but didn't start right so it went through alll that and finally started up
I noticed that the power icon was saying the exact same thing that it did when new and it wouldn't charge. This makes no sense because all I did was get a new power adapter

I used it today and it started in the same as above
#1 0 % plugged in charging but would not charge

By the time evening came it had advanced through the same stages as above
#4 and now will not stay booted again.
It has been maybe 2 years since they repaired the new laptop for the SAME issue to the T

The only think I noticed this time was in device manager, under battery it lists the adapter and the Microsoft something but the third thing that someone said is suppose to be showing is NOT. The battery itself.

I am beyond livid as the laptop 2 1/2 years ago was over 2k, repaired over $300 6 months old and now 2 years later it's doing the exact same thing and can't be used.
The repair came back filthy, scratched up and dry soda all of the front of it so seding it to an asus repair center again is un nerving to me

Any suggestions you can lend is appreciated
This laptop has ONLY been used for editing photos. No gaming or other uses

Hi irishaf15,
I had to replace the battery as well after just 1,5 year of usage (same issue - 0%, not charging). Of course there is a limited warranty on the battery, so I had to pay for the replacement (while the laptop itself is on a 3 years extended warranty). They have given me additional 3 months warranty on the battery replacement after the repair. This was a while ago and the battery is fine, but I must admit I wasn't using the laptop recently for a long time.

Anyway, check if you still have warranty on the replacement battery - maybe it was just faulty and needs another replacement (that means another RMA, sic!).

As for the loose power adapter plug/socket connection, I've seen a really nice DIY trick to keep it in. Please check this:

Other than that, I don't have anything else to help you out 😕

irishaf15 wrote:
Nope Mr Ruckus, again, the first time it happened they supposidly replaced the battery and power adapter port. It was not very old when they had to do that

I always have it on a laptop lap desk when I do use it on the chair. It's a hard surface with unsolid material so that air can flow all around the machine and keeps it stable and solid

Have never used it on a lap or sitting on a cushion or anything. Always on the lap desk or table with the desk