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G751JT with dead battery - weird issue after re-install

Level 7
I have a G751JT where the battery has been dead for some time. It works fine using the power cord as long as anything related to sleep mode/hibernation is disabled. Recently I had do to a total restore (using recovery disk) and after that there's a weird and irritating issue in gaming related cases. When using some gaming related software, such as Bethesda Launcher, or LOOT, the monitor tends to go black every few seconds - like when it goes into sleep mode. This makes it very difficult to actually use this software since it happens virtually constantly. Strangely enough it does NOT happen with e.g. the Steam client or GeForce Experience. It also generally does not happen in the games themselves apart from during long loading screen sessions. It does not happen at all during normal internet browsing, using Windows Explorer, watching Youtube, etc. I am pretty certain there's some setting I've totally forgotten about, likely monitor/screen related... OS is Windows 8.1. Anyone got any good suggestions?

Level 7
Just for the record, I have all Windows 8.1 updates, and the most recent GeForce Experience and GeForce drivers. I have tried running in Windows 7 compatibility mode, or as administrator, none of which makes a difference.


Replace battery and update to latest windows 10.
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
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Turned off G-Sync, and that did the trick