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G751JT Windows 10 Issues Won't Turn off or Restart.

Level 7
Hi guys.
Finally I got my laptop back (G-SYNC UPGRADED) in Turkey my CPU 4710HQ to 4750HQ and i got G-SYNC too dont have sound problem or high temp.
and when i got this laptop i am directly clean Windows 10 Education and all drivers downloaded on asus website or internet and
all upgrades done (windows) but my laptop dont shutting down ?? or cant restart why this things happen i need help. i dont want to send laptop again how to i can fix that issue
i dont want to turn off fast startup in power settings.
sorry for my English i learned on tv movies.

EDIT : I HAVE 24 GB RAM 8+8+8 and 2 ram on under the keyboard another one was on the 4.slot so i changed to ram slots 4. to 3. then problem fixed

Level 8
Hi there welcome to forums,

Congrats on a very well built machine, unfortunately your going to have to turn off Fast_Boot in your UEFI, not sure why you would want this option enabled,

Windows-10 implented its own Fast Start-UP features that will conflict with older system fast boot .

You edited you fixed the problem, please respond if your problem is really fixed, but your going to want windows-10 to work correctly for the fast start-up.

attaching picture to show you were that problem is, but MS wants 99$ per hour / chat session in order for you to hear it from them, but we all know whats happened.

Hope this helps