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G751JT-WH71(WX) - HDD Upgrade

Level 7
I read about this subject here and there but one question seems to be unanswered to me.

Assuming that I want to replace my only HDD of 1Tb with a SSD same size what should be done to avoid loosing all the default os and softwares that comes with Notebook when you buy it?

If I want to make factory restore with my current HDD I can and it is easy, because there is a partition specifically prepared to make it possible (or at least this is what I am assuming to be true) but with a brand new SDD it will not be true.

How can I proceed to keep it working?

Level 14
Very easily Download Macrium Reflect Free, create an Full Disk Image.

Using the same size 1 TB HD To 1TB SSD you don't have to change any settings.

Be sure after installing MR create the boot USB and use that Boot USB to boot your notebook. On booting spam the Esc key that will bring up a Boot menu select the UEFI USB then your notebook should open the MR interface in Win PE mode.

So you have proven that your boot USB is working correctly Now Create an full image of your HD,
shut down your notebook remove the HD and Install your SSD.

Boot up hitting the Esc key, UEFI USB when you get to the MR Interface restore your image that you created to your new SSD

on completion your SSD will have exactly the same data that your hard drive has.

Reboot if all is well you can put your HD in an USB Adapter or External case and format it for use as storage. Or you could put it away for future use should all else fail at some point.

You could also clone your HD straight over to your SSD, I don't recommend that as using images you always have that image to go back to should something go wrong. And for future use.
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Level 13
Good advice, if you buy a Samsung drive their data migration works great too. Just clone the entire drive, all partitions. Ive done it on a G751JY, G751JL and G752VY. In the end the only thing that changed was a drastic improvement in speed.

I always do this regardless if its an upgrade or not. Right out of the box and after I run updates I clone the entire drive and put the original away for safe keeping so no matter what I have that drive to fall back on and if the need should arise to send in the machine on an RMA I can just put the original drive back in.

Ive not had to jump through any hoops on any of mine, Direct clone, shut down, move new drive into the position of the original and boot it back up, done.

The only tricky one I did was when I did a raid 0 on a G752VY. I cloned the original to a Samsung 850 Pro which booted just like the original NVMe M2. Then shut it back down, installed the 2 950 pros downloaded and install the latest Intel IRST drivers and Intel IRST software. Installed, rebooted again. Used the intel software to create a raid 0 array on the 2 M2 drives then used macrium reflect to clone the Samnsung 850 pro to the raid 0 array. Done.
Ive heard others say they just added the second M2 drive then just used the software to make the raid 0 array with no need to wipe the original first.

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