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G751JT - Upgrade or replace?

Level 7
Hello all,

I have a G751JT that I bought back in late 2014. It's still running after two battery changes, even if I can see that it's slowly but surely dying.
* Games went from Medium settings to Low over the last year (High is but a distant dream now), but there's no surprise, the 970M in it was good back then, not so much now...
* Memory crashes are more frequent, while nothing has been found in the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. Of course, Chrome seems to be the root cause of most of them!
Now while I can live with the first point, the second one is a bit more troublesome.

I've got two choices: replace completely the laptop, or upgrade some of the parts.
Replacing the laptop would imply getting a 2070 or 2080, to be covered for the ~5 years to come. Hence I would probably get a Strix Scar III LWS or LXS. Problem is, it's hella expensive (~$3k where I'm at).
Upgrading the parts is complicated as well, I've understood that the changes I could perform to my system are limited : hard drive and memory. With my main issue being memory, maybe that's the thing I should be considering first? However, I've already got 16GB, isn't that usually sufficient unless I'm doing some hardcore video editing?

I'm looking for any advice on what's the best move.


Level 12
My advice would be to find a new laptop and transfer your data from your old laptop while you can.

Good Luck
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