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G751JT under windows 7

Level 7
The first thing I generally do with laptops is wipe and install 7 fresh. Somewhat surprised this laptop does not have optimus (even though the CPU supports intel HD). Would be great to even get a bios option so I can save power when just on the internet. but whatever

I got W7 Pro on there, installed all latest win7 intel, nvidia realtek drivers. I noticed there was no Win7 version of the ATK software too, but the win 8.1 software did install and work

problems came up as followed: Waking from sleep looses brightness control even though the ATK software shows it changing brightness in the graphic.

It seems that the Bios is dependent on integrated Win 8.1/10 brightness control. It would be great to have a bios option to make it entirely ATK software dependent. Not terrible problem but still. Even uninstalling the ATK software, it does the same thing. I tried old windows versions of the ATK software that are listed as 7 compatible by asus and it does work, but still has the brightness issue

Main problem i'm playing and it goes to sleep randomly. Not all the time. It's very random, so far has only effected while playing. Windows logs list the lid as the device that initiated the sleep, obviously, I didn't close the lid. Temperatures in hwmon show stable during my times gaming. It would be great if anyone has any idea of how to fix this?
Separate note: I had a customer give me a 1TB WD blue after cloning his sony to a 2TB. I took the old drive out and installed Win10 on it. Realize the SLIC is Win8. So, to get an entitlement activation i'm gonna to have to do a rundaround with 8 -> 10 and then 10 fresh. Oh well, only a few laptops are keyed 10 right now. I saw the thread about using UEFI. It can represent a security risk, and I don't care about boot times. Thus far no random sleeps, but I don't have the games installed really. I mounted a VHD on the backup from my WD ultra and only got STO and borderlands 2 copied over. Plays very well but not too much test time. If this is a bios issue that does not effect win8/10 I beg you to fix it
Latest bios
GTX 965 2GB
Win 7 had 2 drives installed, yes I know one port is SATA II, I knew this ahead of time. Kind of odd considering the chipset supports nothing but SATA III

Level 13
Why not roll back to Win 2K?

You can fully expect to find bugs, lots of them, when all the drivers, hardware and even bloatware was designed for Win 8.1.

Everything has security risks, only way to prevent intrusion 100% is to stay disconnected

I think you are pretty much on your own with choosing to run a 3 generation old operating system. I know some companies with proprietary software choose to use older OS's simply becuase their software was written on that platform and they are too lazy to upgrade it. I know my employer just upgraded to 7 from XP over the same thing not a few months ago only because they had no choice, XP support has officially ended. Mainstream support of Win 7 officially ended a year ago.

On the bright side you may have begun the first support thread for win 7 on this platform.

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