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G751JT touchpad right button question

Level 7
on this picture you can see that the right button fit not exactly to the case. i have a g751 jt and the button is like on the picture not fit exactly to case....he stand a little bit higher than the case(1,5mm)
is this the normal 1600 euro quality class or is this a feature? 4856448564

Level 12
It looks like a design choice. They could have made it flush, but it looks like the design elevates the button above the surface for aesthetic effect.

Since it clearly shows that effect in the photo, it looks like Asus delivered what it advertised 😉

😛 awesome

warryabel wrote:
😛 awesome

You are thinking you designed the laptop, and your design decisions are the best and only way to go. This can only lead to a lifetime of disappointment 😉

Unfortunately you didn't get to design the laptop, someone else with their own idea of the best design got to pick the design and implement it.

We all live in a world designed by others, and we either adapt to it or get really grumpy. I have found after some consideration, that the other guys ideas and designs are just as valid as mine, and I can live with it by adapting to their forms of inspiration.

However, Google's gmail reply edit window completely sucks - when I click in that window to start an edit, the damn thing jumps back a page when I hit the backspace key to remove the character behind the insert bar. When I click into an edit it should darn well delete the character, not send me a page back!

We all have our little pet peeve's 🙂