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G751JT starts up after pressing steam key/some other keyboard keys

Level 8
I've noticed this issue since i first tried to clean my keyboard while the laptop is shut down. It starts up without me pressing the startup button. Does anyone have the same issue, and if so maybe some solutions? :rolleyes:

Level 7
Steam button=Power button + Steam Big Picture. So if u press that, your PC boots up and starts Big Picture as soon as it gets to desktop. It's pretty good if u have laptop connected to TV and use controller, u just press that, PC boots up, Big Picture launches and you're ready to play.

Other buttons shouldn't start your PC, just avoid power and Steam button when cleaning keyboard!

Level 10
Well, as KrisVr says, this is intended. I found this out the day I bought my JY.
I'm curious as to why you thought this was an "issue", though. Did you not notice that after it booted, Steam got loaded up, or did you simply turn the laptop off before it got into Windows.

Level 8
I noticed that it opened up Steam so i pressed the button again to confirm. But i would like it that when i'm cleaning the laptop keyboard it won't make the PC start (fans start, they suck air through the keyboard, and so the dust as well).