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G751JT sleeps by itself

Level 7
some of you may remember my Previous thread about this laptop and windows 7, but after having windows 10 for a while, it JUST did t while playing borderlands 2, it went to sleep, by itself, just like it did with windows 7. Any idea?

Win 10 (all updates)
latest asus atk installed
latest nvidia
temps are fine
i7 4720HQ
Nvidia GeForce GTX 965
1TB WD blue

Level 7
Check the energy saving settings in the BIOS. I had the same issue so I turned of the energy saving in BIOS and bingo problem solved.

"Power off energy saving" is disabled, I never turned it on the entire time I had it

So, I sent it in for rma....I'm guessing im going to have to suck up this $33 shipping. I tried emailing them with no response. Something tells me thats their way of saying I'm stuck paying extra for their defective product

I've recommended three asus rog tops to clients of mine (and that is what they bought). Never again

Tops are great when they work. Support is lacking

Level 13
Being a bit critical on something that is obviously OS and setting related if it is in fact entering sleep.
Are you sure it was not suspending due to overheating?

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

I always kept hwmon running because I heard this could be the problem. Gpu never got above 91c (kind of high but within tolorence). Cpu was about 80c.

I even kept my hand behind the fan to see how it high I could get, and see if I could get it to sleep, crash or turn off. Temperature got up to 94 and I think it throttled it down from there.

If they fix it fine, I just want to know if I'm going to get my shipping refunded.

One of my customers got a $2200 rog on my recommendation, another $2000 and my cousins son like $1400. I have gotten you guys business, but if I find out the support is crap I will be recommending other companies

Obviously OS or software related? Ever heard of a lid switch? Trying two different os's. It's not software related, and if I get it back and it still does it I will get my money back. Money or hell, nothing between

Because im not spending another $33 for an rma

Level 13
Why did you bother to post asking others to help you if your only goal is trying to get shipping fees refunded because you have professedly increased ASUS stock by 10 fold with your superlative sales skills.

This forum is sponsored by ASUS but that's where their involvement ends, you didn't get me any business, I'm in the critical power field. Those responding are other users. If your mothers sisters cousins brothers father-in-laws nieces proctologist needs a laptop please send them to Dell.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

Level 7
I posted waaay before I sent it in

Asus has already received grief for poor support, but I never actually had to use their support before. If all goes well snd they have improved things than no problem.

But if they called it a software problem, reloaded win10 on it and it still does it, then we have a problem

Asus has already gone downhill on public opinon from other techs I know. Every little bit hurts, but If they do me right and show they have revamped their support system I'd be happy to continue recommending their products as I've had very few actually fail