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G751JT right exhaust fan not working

Level 7

So I just got my G751JT back from the service center and is looking good. However, I noticed that it is getting hot while playing some games. I check the exhausts
and it seems the right one is not producing any heat. Is the exhaust fan configurable through bios or is there something they miss, driver-wise? The unit was back
from a motherboard/powerswitch replacement.


Level 7
Just got back from the service center and they did not do anything.. They say that it was based on design, the right exhaust fan would only work if the temperature rises up. Did the BurnIn test while playing fallout, got to 90C and still the fan would not turn on. Please can anyone confirm this?

Level 7
I'm pretty sure that is not how it is supposed to work. They lied to you. I mean, it only turns on if it reaches a temp but that's like 40-50 degrees, not 90.
Laptop: G751JL
Processor: i7-4750HQ
Graphics Card: GTX 965M
Memory: 8 GB Samsung (stock)
Storage #1: Samsung 850 EVO 250gb
Storage #2: 1 TB 7200 rpm (stock)
OS: Windows 10 x64

Level 7
Yep, they're speaking utter nonsense and trying to palm you off. Looking at the back of the G751, the fan on the left is exclusively for the graphics card heatpipes and the one on the right is explusively for the CPU heatpipes. Saying that, my CPU fan never really gets that active, so your might actually be fine.
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Level 13
Fan speed throttles dependent on temp but its not 90 before it does anything. Ive not graphed it but it should slowly get higher in speed and be at full rpms well before 90C.
Now what is going to 90C? CPU or GPU?

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Level 7
Thanks for the reply guys. If its the right side for the CPU, is it accessible in the bios to turn on or can we set it up?

Level 7
with nbfc i can manually on/off left or right side...test it and you know if it is the sensor or else