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G751JT Liquid Damage HELP?

Level 7
Before any questions yes no warranty. Don't ask me why I just don't got it it's too late to think about it learn from your mistakes.

Okay so to make a long story short I poured a a splash of milk over my laptops keyboard. This happened Over the road. So I panicked at the time there was no way to dry out besides towels and stuff. I immediately started drying as much as I could and powered off the battery instantly.

The signs were not good. It was not turning on with or without the charger in. After a while it slowly started to resurrect. I plugged in the charger and the charging light went on. I immediately tried turning on the laptop but nothing just red power light went on and other battery indicator lights outside the machine and DVD rom working. But system stayed off no screen machine off no vibration or indication system was trying to run just the battery.

Anyways after 30-1hour mins or so I reached a rest area which I than used my moms blow dryer using the nearest outlet on my laptop.

After blow drying it. I tried pressing power button and signs arrised the power light button was lighting up by itself no charger but shortly after battery shut off. While this happened yet again system / machine was not going on.

I tried powering it on again but failed. I brought it back to the charger plugged it in battery charger light went on again but this time power button would only stay on as long as I pushed it and would not stay on .
I unplugged it from charging and back in and then nothing was working ever again for hours .

At this point I became depressed hopeless and worried haha. As this machine was a gift from my mom.

Anyways I set it down in a corner and hours go by and I check on it.
By miracle there was one of the white lights ON and blinking this usually indicates a machine is on.

I immediately flip open the screen and my heart cracks healed as I saw that keyboard light up red and screen on with the windows login screen.
It was kind of glitchy and frozen for a couple seconds than it fixed itself but was still frozen . I saw the battery icon and Wi-Fi so this was good meaning battery was NOT broken. Battery had about half life.

To continue after those several seconds of somewhat success. It unfroze and went into the original Windows 10 shutdown screen with the rotation type sign. Screen was very smooth with no delay.
Keyboard was on I felt the machine was on and vibrating . Air flow etc.

So I waited patiently for it to shut down. At this point I was confused as of why it woke up like this as if I put it to sleep mid way shutting down but I was questioning nothing.

After it shut down success went away again. Somewhat. It was turning on.. only the battery though.

What do I mean? We'll I can "turn" on the battery using thevpower button lights turn on not the screen but the ones near mouse pad indicating something is on.

DVD rom works but the screen remains off as well as keyboard and apart from the machine "feels" off no vibration no air flow nothing. Just a lit up power button and those other lights.

I wait a while like 5-10mins see if something happened but nope. And only way to turn the battery off is by holding the button down indicating no sofrware or machine is running in the background

Charging works and tells me if it's charged.

What I'm thinking is the battery is turning on but it's not giving power to the machine. The machine software and system can't be broken because of what it showed me when it "woke" up from its nap.

I'm thinking about disassembling the machine unplugging everything and plugging it back in. And I mean EVERYTHING including the battery . So my question is...

Anyone expierenced with dissassembly of my model and what tools will I need thanks!

Level 11
NEVER EVER turn on a electronical device after it has been spilled with liquid. Always immediately turn it off and dry it as long as it takes, otherwise you're guaranteed to have some sort of damage.
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navis995 wrote:
NEVER EVER turn on a electronic device after it has been spilled with liquid. Always immediately turn it off and dry it as long as it takes, otherwise you're guaranteed to have some sort of damage.

Quoted for truth. Also I would suggest a full disassemply and cleaning as well before turning it on

Level 8
Why the hell would you power it on after you spilled something! You need to be 99999% sure it is DRY before attempting again

Level 7
More than likely you will need to see about getting a new laptop. You never ever want to turn it on until its 100% dry. Any liquids that hit the mother board will start to warp and corrode it. Being that it was Milk that you spilled its going to start to grow bacteria and mold. Liquid could have gotten under some of the chip and you will never be able to get it out. Im sorry to hear this, but it may be a total loss. Take out the harddrives and see if you can get another one.

Level 9
In the case of our g751's, the problem is that the battery is enbadded in the notebook so weather you turn it on/off it doesn't matter since a little current is always present in the motherboard.

Level 10
Yeah the milk most likely went into the laptop. Blow drying it most likely is not going to dry all of it depending on where it went. Putting it on its side I would agree with, but a disassembly is a must to make sure its all cleaned out. That dry milk isn't going to do any good in there. It would be best to get it out as soon as possible with no power. If you have no warranty, you have nothing to lose at that point.
(ROG has simply become too expensive compared to the competition with same specs... 😞 )
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