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G751JT External Monitor [CS230] Hard Crash

Level 7
Making my own thread (Post #2 in this thread is where I present the actual problem in a comprehensive way), and pasting from what I wrote in the ( thread:

Same problem here:

System freeze after around 5-20 minutes when using my Eizo CS230 via the Displayport on my G751JT, have there been any other findings regarding this, or should I also try another cable? (Goddammnit, I have neither the time or the money for this...and the internal laptop screen of the G751 is as we all know rather horrible D': )

EDIT/ADD: I followed the advice hmscott had given to somebody else and bought this (International Shipping is just...hnng btw), it says I will get it this monday, so wish me luck, and I will update you on how it goes.

IF it turns out that the issue for me is also due to a bad cable, and that is fixed by using the one I just ordered, hmscott you would deserve a bloody medal for already having done the hard work of finding a (according to reviews) very good cable!

EDIT/ADD2: On a side-note, I've been having trouble with HDMI connection too (not getting any signal), and I'm not sure if it is the monitor or the G751JT that is to blame (I've tried two different cables already, so there should not be any problem there), Is anyone aware of any HDMI connection problems existing with the G751's or similar?

EDIT/UPDATE: The cable arrived early and I've tried it now. Results?

Ive yet to have a crash, despite using it for several hours and trying all kinds of functions regarding "duplicate desktop", "extend" and so on, and I am in the middle of calibrating the monitor. Have not yet tried a game or anything though, but I don't see why that should be a problem.

So probably this: :'D

Cable that DID work with my Eizo CS230 + RoG ASUS G751JT =

Cable that did NOT work with the same setup =
(Regarding the Deltaco cable, the website I purchased it at did not specify any specs regarding the transfer rate and such , and at that point I didn't even know this could be an issue, if it even is....but what did I expect from a company named 'Deltaco', lol?)

EDIT/UPDATE2: ...just got two crashes, and I'm not sure why. God-friggin'-bloody-damnit!

EDIT/UPDATE3: Disabled a lot of "Allow turning this device off to save power" in the device manager for all USB and similar products that I could find, and I also disabled the Power Saving function of the monitor itself, and it has not crashed again since doing that, hopefully this solves it.

EDIT/UPDATE4: ...and again I crashed several times...I'm stumped as to what could be the problem now... 😞

EDIT/5: ...Firefox could be a possible cause, as could the BIOS "Fast Boot" setting.
Test results: Not running Firefox it have been fine so far when using only the external monitor, I will now try some different scenarios (FF running, Extended desktop, FF not running, Extended desktop a.s.o. to see if Firefox could actually be the culprit / if disabling "Fast Boot" in BIOS did the trick).

Using Extended Desktop mode and not running Firefox seems fine too, so now I will try running Firefox and using the other monitor, if that seems to work now, I would assume the BIOS setting did the trick.

Edit (around two hours later than the above sentence): Tried running Firefox, using only the second monitor, and I have not had a crash yet.
I'm not going to celebrate just yet (as it has "only" been a couple hours or so), but maybe, just maybe disabling "Fast Boot" in the BIOS did the trick.

EDIT( just a bit later): Goddammnit...crashed while using Firefox on only the external monitor....*sigh* Now to try using the external/second monitor only without using Firefox again, but for an extended amount of time, if things don't crash, that would point either to something being wrong with Firefox, or something with Firefox causing something else to malfunction...

EDIT(over 2 hours since last edit): Have not crashed yet, so if Firefox turns out to be the culprit maybe I'm better off switching to laptop screen only when using it, or switching to another browser [ew alternatives], because I can't really be arsed to troubleshoot this anymore right now, and at this point I' m not sure what could be the problem anyway, as temps are normal, and no other problems reported (not even any "log-book" entries , other than the ones for the unexpected/improper shutdowns I've been forced to do via holding down the power button, when it crashes.)

I still only have the .202 BIOS for the G751JT though, so maybe that could have anything to do with it? (From what I've gathered flashing BIOS is a ig no-no for all but the most advanced or trouble-ridden users though.)

Still no problem, though I've mostly been watching videos. Note: I'm never getting any crashes when only using the internal laptop display.

Time will tell, and if anything happens (or does not happen), I will too.
(Wall of text for the sake of helping anybody else who might experience the same problem in the future.)

Oh, and if anyone have any suggestions I'm all ears.
(Second post below)
Continuation from last post.

Update: Son of happened again. Tried actually waiting for a while after it locked up this time, and eventually I got a ""-screen with a "kernel data inpage error".

I've checked hard drives, no faults.
Going to check RAM for errors.
Also heard that Anti-Virus can sometimes screw up things.

*Sigh* I have not the time for this crap right now, nor do I have the money if the memory have gotten nicked somehow, though I suppose in that case, it could be much worse...

Be back.


Have yet to run an extensive RAM test (did the 'Standard' test for 2 passes with Windows own memory checker only, so I've yet to do that.
Currently searching through the Kaspersky forums and the first hunch is this might be AV-related.

Will update.

Also, a noob question: Even if an external monitor connects to the power outlet, does it still use power from the computer? Because if so, it could very well just be that the "juice" the CS230 gets from the G751JT is insufficient.

Update: Tried running in "Selective Start" mode, disabling different services and whatnot. Still crashed when using the external monitor.
Then I tried the "Clean Boot" mode (as one cannot even use an external monitor in "Safe/Failsafe/Troubleshooting Mode" afaik, at least not via DisplayPort), and it still crashed (Hard Crash, no BSOD, no event log, even if I manually enabled the log collector and log viewer as the only "extra" services when doing a Clean Boot), so now I'm leaning more and more towards it being something with the power, or the fact that this is a laptop after all (graphics card is what is in mind), since RAM seems fine, disks are fine, graphic card gives me no trouble, temps are fine, CPU is fine, Stress tests on the CPU, GPU, Power Supply and whatnot gives no errors, and things only go south when I have the external monitor plugged in (and seemingly random too, though using Firefox seemed to make things worse).

If it weren't for the fact that the CS230 was friggin' expensive, I would not think that much about it, and just use the internal display (despite it being 'just fine' at best), since the laptop runs well otherwise...

Level 7

When I connect my 'EIZO CS230' Monitor to my 'ASUS RoG G751JT' Laptop, I get random Hard Crashes (Caps-Lock does nothing, no BSOD, a.s.o.), which has not happened a single time when the monitor is not connected.

Things I've tried:

Connecting via HDMI instead of DisplayPort = Same.
Running in certain modes (Extended Desktop, Duplicate, Only External, a.s.o.) = Same.

Running or not running certain software :
Running Firefox = Seemed to crash faster, but was not the sole reason for crashing, as not running it did not stop the crashes.
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 (and tried with 2017 too) = No change whatsoever.
GPU-intensive software = Seemed to crash slightly faster, but unsure if this was due to the GPU being worked hard.
CPU-intensive software = No change.
Simple software (Like the standard Windows Image Viewer) = No change, maaaybe crashed faster once or twice..

Safe/Failsafe/Troubleshooting Boot/Mode = N/A, The "External Monitor"-function was disabled in this mode.
Clean Boot (With only the basics) = Still crashed.
Clean Boot (Basics + Kaspersky being specifically disabled) = Still crashed.
Clean Boot (With Intel® PROSet/Wireless Services enabled) = Seemed to crash slightly faster than without, but unsure if not just by chance.
Clean Boot (With NVidia Services enabled) = No change.
A.S.O... ( I actually tried the "Clean Boot" [Only] last, which is why I didn't realize at first that it still crashed when just "Clean Booting".)

(I did not try unplugging all peripherals in addition to making a "Clean Boot", and I did not try specifically disabling Synapse ((The Razer "Half-bloatware" for managing Macros for Razer mice)), maybe I will later.)

Tried Checkdisk on all drives = No problems whatsoever reported.
Did Memory check (although not for very long, only 2 passes, Normal) = No problems reported.
Tried the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool = Not a single problem reported.
DxDiag = No problems reported.
No problems reported or found in the DeviceManager.

Did some stresstesting via the program called 'OCCT' (not very long tests mind you, but enough to put pressure on the system), and besides it aborting early twice because of me being a bit too strict with the "Abort if temps over X"-function and the fact that I ran things on absolute max, while in the meantime using other software , no errors where reported.

I did however notice that the frequency for the GPU Memory Clock seemed to decrease when under load, and increase when the FPS of the stress test was negatively influenced by me for example spamming left-click on the "click-and-hold-and-drag-to-move-the-window-around"-bar (not sure what it is called in Swedish even, lol), which seems to me like some settings might be interfering with eachother, am I correct in this assessment? (If 'YES' I'll have to check that out, lel.)
(I barely know anything about Hardware, or OC'ing.)

I also tried different cables to no avail.
I've also tried a lot of different settings on the monitor itself, power managment among them, to no change either.
Checked the BIOS (Mine is .202 still) and tried turning off the only energy-relevant setting I found there (I'll have to check what it was called, because I do not remember it atm.), and nothing changed this time either.

One time it didn't crash for a long time when I was using the external monitor, which made me think that Firefox was to blame, since that was the only known change from before that (when it crashed).

One time it didn't crash for a very long time when I was using the external monitor, it was the time when I was calibrating the monitor (Using ColorNavigator and the "Physical" Calibration Device included when buying the Eizo CS230).

One time it didn't crash for a pretty long time when I was using the external monitor, I even played some South Park: The Stick of Truth without any problems.

Question: The Eizo CS230 connects on it's own to the power outlet (the thingy in the wall where one plugs in adapters and appliances), does it still drain power from the laptop? The PSU for my laptop (I use the one that was included in the package when I bought it) has an Output of '19.5V' - '11.8A'.

Also: I feel like I am playing with fire everytime my laptop does a 'Hard Crash', and it feels especially uncomfortable considering the laptop runs great otherwise..

Also, no events or logs have ever been recorded, except for the occasional Kernel-Power from me having to shutdown via the Power-button.
I've yet to find anything in the Event Viewer suggesting a direct coorelation with the computer crashing either.

I don't know what to do...except for maybe turning on some Power Managment downclocking as long as I don't get any problems from it, boy, did everything run a lot cooler when the default balanced power plan (or whatever it is called) is enabled when running Safe/Clean Mode/Boot (though some of it was most likely because of there being much fewer drivers and services loaded.), but I digress.

I'm out of ideas, and would be glad for some Assistance or Advice.

EDIT/ADD: On a side-note: I am not sure about this whole BIOS business, what exactly would get fixed if I were to update from BIOS .202 to .211?
I don't really understand much of it (which is also why I am so reluctant to flash BIOS at all).