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G751JT charging issue: 0% available, not charging

Level 7
almost traditional question for this model G751 - couple a weeks after 1 year warranty is off, my laptop stopped charging. Here are the symptoms:

  • battery capacity is always 0%
  • sometimes it shows "charging" and steady orange led, sometimes it's "not charging" and blinking orange led
  • unplugging the power cord shuts all down immediately
  • couple of times a day machine gracefully powers off without notice

I've tried to uninstall the battery driver as described in other threads here, I've tried restart with Power button pressed method too.
The best results I can get with that is to make led steady orange.

BatteryInfoView utility gives following numbers:

Description Value
Power State Discharging, AC Power
Current Capacity (in %) 0.0%
Current Capacity Value
Full Charged Capacity 73,695 mWh
Designed Capacity 90,000 mWh
Battery Wear Level 81.9%
Voltage 15,000 millivolts
Charge/Discharge Rate 0 milliwatts
Number of charge/discharge cycles 0

I haven't send the laptop to support yet, but they give and estimate of $690 to repair all that, assuming battery replacement.

At this point, do I miss any checks to be done, or my two options are basically send it off or DIY battery replacement?

I mean, is there a reason to try out another charger at all? Or pull out the battery first and check how it works? Any other ideas?

Level 7
yeah it seems that asus has planned that this crapbattery its dying after 1 year. there are more than you and me that have this issue! that was my last gaming laptop from asus!