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G751JT-CH71 SSD choice

Level 7
I'm considering purchasing the G751JT-CH71. I would like to swap out the mechanical drive for an SSD. I have read up on the forums and understand that the main bay has a PCIe m.2 connection and a SATA3 connection. I understand the m.2 is faster than the sata. I would like to order an SSD but am unsure what to look for. I am new to laptops. I would prefer to connect via the PCIe m.2. Searching Newegg and amazon, I am getting a little confused as to which ssds are compatible, especially with the PCIe m.2. I want to make sure I don't order something for a desktop. can anyone help me out? maybe you could refer me to a specific example of a product that would meet these requirements. Thanks!

Level 7
I have the G751JT-CH71 I installed an Intel (730) 480gb SSD as OS drive SATA. My WEI (windows index rating) improved (Score is: 8.1) and my Heaven Benchmark score improved ( Score 1451 Extreme Tess). The boot time is average 9.1 - 12.5 seconds (cold boot) (sometimes less) from sleep state its instant on or about 1 sec.

Level 7



I too just got my GT-CH71 couple of days from costco, it doesn't have a M.2 connector. I was just wondering is it possible to still fix a M.2 ssd or it's not advisable ?

Looks like in this thread few have installed M.2 ssd in GT-CH71, I was wondering whether CH71 has M.2 connector and my laptop alone doesn't have it or as mentioned in another thread the M.2 connector was missing in some batches and some comes with the M.2 connector.