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G751JT - BSODs + Left USB port keeps disconnecting (every few seconds).

Level 7
I got G751JT and right out of the box, I have problems with it.

Problem 1)
While playing Witcher 2, I keep getting BSODs. I got like 3 in around 5 hours of gameplay, which is not exactly great. Is it Witcher's fault, or laptop's?

Problem 2)
I have problem with USB (I actually read about other people having this problem). The closer, left USB keeps disconnecting. When I connect my external HDD to it, every 10 or so seconds, it drops it, then picks it up again and so on. If I connect mouse, it works for a while, then stops, then works again, stops...

I'm about to do clean reinstall and see if it helps with either. Anyone came across these problems?

Level 9
1. Hard to say. BSODs can occur over a pretty wide variety of issues. Chances are it is either a driver or a hardware component (such as system memory).

2. This could be related to problem #1. Have you happened to see what has been causing the blue screens? Would it happen to be USB.SYS?

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