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G751JT Bios 2013 in AFU format.

Level 7
I have upgraded my G751JT to NvMe. My laptop was working ok till I encountered weird problem with GF 970M drivers. Seems that there is no way to upgrade the drivers (my version of drivers is from 2015). I have followed all the tutorials from this forum (used DDU, Safe mode etc. no success). So I decided to revert BIOS upgrade by removing DXO lines from the BIOS code. It went well but...I noticed that my laptop model is G751JT but my modified BIOS is from G751JY model and think that prevents me from upgrading 211 BIOS to 213 version (which I hope let me get newer drivers for GPU). WinFlash doesn't let me change BIOS either for 213 for G751JT or G751JY. I can be wrong of course in my assumptions. What is more The GPU drivers from ASUS site will not work from me either.
My question is: Is there way to get BIOS 213 for G751JT in format readable by AFU? Can I somehow convert BIOS file from Asus site to AFU format? Is there someone in the forum to help me? Maybe someone with G751 JT could send me his 213 Bios in AFU format?

P.S I noticed that 211 BIOS file is a bit or two smaller than 213.
Best regards

Level 7
I managed to return to 211 bios for G751JT but now Easy Flash doesn't want to install 213 It says wrong file or something...any1 could help?

Apparently there is problem with size of the new BIOS...the old one (211) has 6 144KB the new one (213) has 6 146KB. Any ideas guys? Both EzyFlash and Win flash wont take the 213 bios....:(