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g751jt battery curiosity

Level 7
Hi everyone. I recently bought a g751jt and i love it. But i have a question... the ac adapter is very easy to remove. While i was testing crysis 2 on ultra, plugged in with high performance profile the plug popped out... i immediately reconected it. After a few minutes when i closed the game i checked the battery and it was at 56%. But it was plugged in all the time... i'm pretty sure that it was at 100% when i started using it since i just pulled it out of an all night charge. My question is: does unplugging the laptop by mistake while playing demanding games damage the battery? Or you just lose fps...

haven't tested to see if the battery life changed...

tnx for replies 🙂

Level 7
both,it is not recomended to play on the battery(the drain of power is too much for it and the battery life will be shorter)
the battery only can give u a maximum of 100w and u need a minimum of 200w to play at full performance(the adapter has 246w) so the frames will be considerably less

Level 7
Tnx for the reply. I know that gaming on battery is not reccomended... when i'm on battery if i really want to play i play on low with vsync. My question was another one. Could the fact that the plug popped out for a very short amount of time have damaged the battery? Or the system is protected from those kinds of accidents? (eg: when you're playing and the electricity is being cut off, which is 100% not your fault). The fact that i went from 200w(AC) to 100(battery) could have done something?

Level 10
@Asaku01 : Nope, that wouldn't have harmed your battery. You can check the battery wear level with a monitoring software like HWMonitor or HWInfo. Unplugging the AC power by mistake would be the same as a power cut of the electrical current in your neighbourhood. That sort of thing shouldn't affect the battery because the notebook should have some safety measures when that happens.

Just check the battery as I told you and see if it is similar to this:

Tnx alot for reply NitroX! Didn't think about it. That's a very useful advice that i will take in consideration in the future!

edit: is it normal for it to sow 0 rpm for the vents? o_O
I don't know if they stop the vents in order to be silent, that's why i'm asking xD
And my profile is power saving, that's the reason the voltages are lower... i think

Level 10
@Asaku01 : Yep, the fan turns off when the temperature is low enough, especially in Power Saver mode. It is an option in the Advanced Power Plan settings--->Processor Management ---> System Cooling Policy where you can choose active or passive. Don't worry, passive won't mean that the fans won't ever turn on. In fact, the passive option just allows the CPU fan to turn off when it reaches a certain down threshold temperature. For example, your CPU fan will be off when you turn on your laptop (because the temps are low), then if you use it and it reaches 50C the fan goes on and it will keep running until the CPU temp again reaches a low enough temperature and turns off the fan. This is quite ok if you are a silent savvy and if you have a low ambiental temperature (like 18-20C).

For my personal experience, I have changed the system cooling policy on "Active" on all power plans because I don't have quite a cool indoor environment and the CPU fan would have started and stopped repeateadly and it was just getting annoying.

The best power profile in my opinion is the Balanced Profile, with some personal tweaks in order to maximize the performance and have low temps/noise at idle.