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[G751JT] Air filter to substitute optical drive?

Level 7
Left side of the G751 is an optical drive. Removing the optical drive exposes the laptop's innards through a wide rectangular gap. Does ASUS provide the tools to replace the optical drive with an air filtration system to increase air intake and laptop cooling? I'm playing Monster Hunter World and the CPU runs at a concerning 85 C even with new Arctic Silver 5 paste applied. Thought I could remove the optical drive and use a fan to blow cool air into the rectangular gap, but nothing would stop dust accumulation.

Edit: From another thread, how can I control the fan speed with what software?

Level 9
Yes, it blows out so no good. Plus 2 small fans is worse than 1 big fan so it probably lacks a good flow and must be noisy too.*
Will be looking for an alternative.*