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G751JM charging issue

Level 7
I've had this laptop for about 3 weeks. I purchased it from BB. The power supply model is ADP-180MB F. So the issue is that I constantly have to re-plug the AC side of the power supply. I usually leave my power supply in the same spot in the house(this issue happens everywhere, not just my house), every time I come back to charge my laptop when I plug the powersupply into the laptop it doesn't start charging. It will never start charging no matter how many times I re-plug the laptop side of the charger, but once I unplug and plug the power supply back into the wall it starts charging. It's the same issue as in the thread below. I'm not sure how that guys fix would actually do anything. Either way I can't try that fix as the battery on the 751 is not removable.

Level 7
sorry to revive this late. I myself simply plug mine into a power strip and turn the trip on and off again when I plug the charger back into the laptop.Not ideal, but have been going on like this for nearly 6 months now. That is the ONLY issued I have with this laptop so far. It's playing all the games I want to play on it just fine and that's with the 860M

Level 7

Two months since last post without respond, 2 weeks ago my charger stopped working at all.......
Never dropped it or anything and it looks like I can just put it in to the bin.
I couldnt find any advices on internet