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g751JL RAM missing

Level 7
Hello i purchased a rog751JL a while back and have recently noticed it only has 8GB of RAM installed. At first i thought this was an issue with one of the sticks not working however upon contacting support they notified me that the SN on my device shows them that it only came with 8GB of ram instead of the advertised 16GB that is listed on the specs page as well as what was listed at the location i purchased the laptop at. after speaking with support they agreed with me it was weird that this model would come with half of the listed spec's and couldn't give me a reason why. the only explanation i was given was that since its possible to change the ram in this model yourself the specs may vary on it however that still doesn't explain why it has less than what was advertised when i purchased it.

EDIT: also before everyone starts telling me not all of these models are the same I am aware of this as well as the fact that some models came with 8GB of ram. though i paid for the 16GB model for sure as i compared the price on the stores website with what i paid to make sure i wasn't mistaken. I realize it could be a case of them mixing up boxes and me getting the wrong one but this seems unlikely as they scanned the box and i walked out with it. Has anyone else had this happen to them or heard of it happening? thanks.