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G751J - Keyboard problem after disassembly.

Level 7
Hi! Recently I created topic about faulty fan.
My new fan yesterday arrived from china, so I opened my rog and replaced it.

The problem is, now my keyboard keys works "wrongly". That is for example, Enter is a Backspace, Y is B - etc. All keys are different.

I opened it second time, disconnected 4 small "tapes" that connect keyboard with motherboard, and connected them again. It is still the same... ;/

Im sure that tapes are connected fine ( did it twice ).

What may be the problem? Is it possible that I broke something related to keyboard ?

Level 12
Sounds like your keyboard layout got switched over from the US layout. Read here to fix it.

No this is not the problem. I use windows 7, and just check the configs and it is fine - Polish layout with all symbols. Now I use external keyboard which works fine.

Level 12
Well now that I know that it isn't that (as you never mentioned it in your 1st post), have you checked the traces on the keyboard flex cable for any signs of damage? If it worked before the disassembly and now it doesn't, It could very well be related to the flex cable being improperly aligned in the connector or damaged in some way. As you made mention of, an external keyboard works no problem.