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G751J - Delete recovery partition, but keep ASUS windows image?

Level 9
Hi all 🙂

Anyone managed to delete the recovery partition in the new ROGs?
I have done the backup on a pen drive using Backtracker, but the option to delete the partition is missing. Tried all the versions of Backtracker.

I have a G751JY-T7134H, that comes with a 128GB SataIII SSD, partitioned as well by Asus

Partizione ### Tipo Dim. Offset
---------- ----- ---------------- ------- -------
Partizione 1 Sistema 100 Mb 1024 Kb
Partizione 2 Riservato 128 Mb 101 Mb
Partizione 3 Primario 107 Gb 229 Mb
Partizione 4 Ripristino 12 Gb 107 Gb

I tried to delete the recovery partition, the last one of 12 GB, using easeUS Partition Master first and the Windows8 bootable USB pen drive later, but with the same result: if I delete the recovery partition, Windows can't boot anymore and it's not possible to repair it because the repair utility finds no Windows installation... so I was forced to restore all using the Backtracker pen drive.

I read this post by @hmscott
He deleted all the partitions on his SSD (except the Windows partition of course) with no problems, including the System and the Reserved partitions (100Mb and 128Mb)... I want to try the same too but I'm not convinced.
Maybe it's not possible delete this partition on the G751? :eek:

Level 9
Hi, I too am interested on how to delete the recovery partition on asus G751. Backtraker (all versions I tested including 308,307,306 and 304) simply do not display the option "delete backup partition" as stated on the asus Backtraker page.
Since my SSD is only 128Gb, I NEED those extra 12Gb.

I know how to format a SSD and install a clean Win partition.
But this is not the topic of this forum, please stick to the question. We need to know how to safely delete the recovery partition on the G751JY as it is, if possible. Just deleting it with an external program causes Windows to fail to start afterwards. I contacted Asus on the topic but they didn't rerspond or now.

No is not possible, because is secure partition and windows not give u access to delete this partition ...
It is possible to delete but u not be able to use this part of the partition until a clean windows installation ...
Better idea is download exactly the same windows version and install like a clean system after that install only drivers from pen-drive and problem is sorted ...
If you install exactly the same windows u not be get any problem with activation, in BIOS is saved 'key" to your system ...

Level 7
This option only when u be install windows from independence windows dvd installation disc ...

Level 9
I am doubtful about your statment, there must be a way to delete it safely. Can't imagine that there is NO possibility in Windows to do so. Surely there is a way, we just need someone with better expertize than ourselfs 😉

Level 9
Hi nice.lw, thank you for your replies.
We know that we can delete all the partitions and do a clean install of windows, but this is not what we want. We want to maintain the Asus Windows installation, and delete just the recovery partition.
The problem I experienced is that Windows fails to start after I deleted the recovery partition, even before I merge its 12GB in C:.

I can't understant why Windows isn't able to boot if that partition is missing, because in other PCs (in rog G750 too) the recovery partition can be safely deleted.

I would also welcome a way to "reduce" the recovery partition, without deleting it, if that meant keeping windows running while also gaining some Gigabites. Even if that would make the recovery partition unusable...(since I have a a copy on USB pen).

First off, don't attempt this unless you know what you are doing 🙂

I use G-Parted to create/delete/expand/contract/etc...partitions on any new Windows laptop/drive I acquire.
For the record, I have used this on Asus/MSI?alienware laptops (with no problems) to remove the partitioning that so many of them do by default.

I haven't looked at the layout as to where the 12gb recovery partition is in relation to C: (I removed 😧 and expanded C:) but having said that you should be able to move partitions around and then delete the recovery partition and then expand C:, etc...

I don't have a How To doc since I've used it enough to feel comfortable, but I can look into writing something up when I have some time.

In short, make a backup of your recovery partition, create a bootable DVD or Flash drive with G-Parted, boot your laptop with G-Parted, analyze your drive & partition layout, make the mods to your partitions that you desire, then you have to commit those changes...that's when G-Parted actually does the work, the rest of the time it is just in essence recording all of your "changes" and giving you a visual representation of those changes.