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G751 Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Ultimate?

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Hi all,

I have a question - I have 8.1 Home on the G751, I also have a retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I am thinking of putting that on t the G751 to then upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, rather than the 8.1 Home to 10 Home... has anyone tried this? or has anyone done a retrograde to 7 on this system? I would like to know if it's 1. Possible w/o screwing it all up, and 2. does this sound like it will come out correctly to my goal or is this going to be a big pain in the butt kind of thing? opinions are welcome as well as facts on if and how to do this... I just can't see spending 99.99 on another license to duplicate one that I have, which was something like 260.00 when I got the ultimate one and I should then have a free upgrade coming to that if I install it. Just not sure this system will take Windows 7 and then what that might mean concerning the 8.1 license on it currently.

I was also considering doing a dual boot with 7 and 8 and then updating it to 10, but that might also really gum up the works... and I can't find much of anything on dual booted systems being upgraded if they have multiple versions of windows.

Thanks, now tell me this is a stupid thing to do and the better way to do it. thanks. 😮

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Question of the day, do you really need the pro version? The only thing you gain that is even useful as a consumer level user is drive encryption by getting the pro version over the home version. The rest with group management policies and deployments and other business related architecture is not very useful in a single user or family environment.

The machine that I had running win 7 ultimate upgraded just fine to 10 pro. For the G751 I updated to home right out of the box then paid the $99 just to get the drive encryption as Ive been using bitlocker while running win 7 ultimate.

I would imagine it should work fine if you really want to spend a couple of days and all the headache of rolling back then getting drivers to work then upgrading and going though the software and driver mess all over again. To me, it was worth the $99 to not have to mess with all that to get bit locker.

I've upgraded multiple boot systems in the past. One lesson I have learned is to make sure the OS you are upgrading is on the primary partition. The alternative is to download and do a clean install but you still have to have the upgradeable OS in place or a valid win 10 key to do that.

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I did ask myself that same question - but being a technology professional anyway, you know what the answer to that question was... of course I didn't want to spend the time, but I also had to know if it was possible and how to do it... because at the end of the day IT people solve problems... so problem solution drive won over spare time reward incentive. 🙂

It was also a good exercise in new setups - I did note that I really need to have a drivers folder with the drivers all in there and extracted rather than download them and put them in - just for the sake of quickly installing them, also some mysterious items had to be Identified - one such being the chip set driver... which was SMB something a rather... but I know what it is now, and the nVidia card driver also had some things oddly named.

But I got that bit down, and it did boot with the HD in it once I had it installed with 10... however I couldn't get it to activate that code or the 8.1 upgrade code... so that was odd... but then I don't want to try this with my actual SSD drive until I work that issue out.

So far it was just an experiment, but it should work out this week into a working system I think.

I think you would do well to check out the tenforums there are some real experts there that have been working with the beta versions for the last year or so.
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