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G751 Sound Crackling Thread (The one thread to rule them all)

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EDIT - These drivers seem to allow us to disable Realtek power management username : spcust password : hwwk758z
What this means is that you need to do this in regedit : Using : [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtek\Audio\RtkNGUI64 \PowerMgnt]

Make sure to restart after you change regedit. What all of this will do is when you turn on your laptop the first sound in windows will still produce a crackle as the sound turns on but then the sound stays on and doesn't constantly crackle every time there is a sound. There is still a shhh/chhh noise if you press your ear to the upper left part of the laptop. However, this noise isn't as noticeable as the crackling was and you have to actually press your ear against it to hear it.
Credit goes to X7007 for trying out these drivers first. Good job!

We seem to be spread out on too many threads with this issue and some people aren't even aware of other threads where this issue gets talked about so I figured a more centralized thread where we can see how many people still have this issue is warranted. If you still have this issue and the Regedit fix doesn't work for you please just make a small post here.

Video of the issue -

When making a video of the issue it is harder to hear than in reality. I don't have to put my ear next to the computer like I put the camera to hear the crackle. That's not how I computer. I just go to and before I even click a video or play audio it crackles. Every. Time. It prematurely crackles. Putting the volume on mute doesn't make it go away. Making the volume louder or quieter doesn't either likely because it crackles before the audio even starts playing. It anticipates the audio. Another easy way to hear the crackle is to go into the Realtek application with the volume on mute and click on the speakers and they do their test but as you click on them they crackle and when the 2 second test is over they crackle again. You can also open up a video and it will crackle. Open up a video and close it right after is also fun for double the crackle. Almost like something turning on and off except I doubt you are supposed to hear it. My HP HDX18 never made this noise. Another thing to note is that this crackling issue has threads for other laptop manufacturers so we all think given the evidence that this is driver based. If I uninstall the Realtek drivers the issue goes away but then the sound sucks and I'm not really getting what I paid for!

One last thing to mention is that I am currently talking to CL-Albert about this issue so hopefully we can come to some conclusion. His test unit makes the crackle very minimally to the point where to hear it he has to put his ear to the laptop. So it is different than ours.

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Has someone ever tried to uninstall completely Realtek drivers (and related Maxx Audio) and use ONLY this:

Since the issue origin of these annoying micro-popping sounds are the drivers/Maxx amp... maybe using just Hear will fix the issue (and add MUCH more high quality audio controls). Who wants to try?
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I was botherd by this but then simply ignored it... until now my motherboard blew off... within one year... not liking this.

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HINT: uninstalling completely also Intel RST with its powersaving features drivers greatly improves the sound reducing 99% of random clicks/pops...
ASUS ROG Strix GL703GS, GTX 1070 8GB, 32GB RAM, 1920x1080 144Hz G-Sync laptop screen, external monitor UWQHD 3440x1440 Mi Monitor, NVMe 4x, Hori Fighting Stick Mini, XBox One BT controller, ROG Strix Carry mouse

Nothing Will Properly Fix Sound Crackling/Popping Issue...UNTIL new Drivers are created!

If you notice after uninstalling the Realtek Drivers, the sound problem goes away completely....but once you install any Realtek driver the problem resurfaces.

Yes, there are registry tricks to minimize the issue...but the problem is NOT really "Fixed".
There Can Be Only One!

I wanted to add that not even a clean install of Windows will fix this do not waste your time.

The best resolution you are going to get for this sound crackling/popping issue is the registry edit.

However, this merely reduces the problem is not a fix.
There Can Be Only One!

I wanted to add this information as well due to the recent inquiry posted above regarding speakers.

The sound crackling/popping will affect headphones/speakers as is not only affecting the laptop speakers.
There Can Be Only One!

Level 7
Hi. Did anyone fix a problem with a terrible sound from the speakers G751.

Don't you worry, GL753 has the same crackling sound on system speakers AND headphones. Here we are, waiting for drivers.

Level 7
Asus and their speakers and company of sound are terrible mismatch. :(:(:( Asus G all laptops has still terrible sound.

Level 8
wow. 3 years, still no fix on the driver, what a crap.. i think realtek doesnt care to fix this issue..