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G751 shutdown doesn't actually shutdown? (Win10)

Level 8
Read in YouTube comment from a person that nowadays not all laptops shutdown button doesn't actually shutdown but instead its just put in a hibernated state.

And so have noticed that and it came quite to a shocker to me when I actually found out this is true. Or I at least think it is?

- While laptop is shutdown I unplug then plug my mouse back in and the optical laser turns on for a millisecond
- While laptop is shutdown, cleaning the keyboard I touch the steam button and the laptop turns on.

Is there a way to make the laptop fully shutdown whether it be through disabling in BIOS or something
I'm not techy nor do I know much about complicated software (BIOS) so if there is an easy way out of this, it would be useful.
I just want to do this in case in the future I'll have to open the laptop to clean the fans etc.. And want it to be fully turned off


After researching, just found out its a feature called fastbooting 😉 but still would appreciate how to disable it

Level 7
Your PC is shutdown if u press start and shutdown. Default for power button is sleep!

1 USB on right side, if u re-plug will still get power through AC if PC is shutdown, so unplug AC.
Steam button, as far as I know acts as a secondary power button but also launches Steam as soon u hit desktop. Avoid it like power button if u clean keyboard.

It's called fast startup and I don't think it affects anything. As far as I know Instead of closing everything, fast startup saves some system stuff to hard drive so it wont have to start from scratch and can startup faster, it will still shut your PC down.

If u open up your laptop, unplug AC(of course) but you also have to unplug battery!