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G751 Power Failures & Bizarre Issues

Level 8
I've been trying to diagnose some odd issues with my laptop for a long time now. I suspect something is wrong with the motherboard which makes me wonder if it came with a defect. I read two threads that look related to my issues but don't seem to be completely related.

G751 series 0% battery and shut downs PROBLEM
I do have shutdown problems, but this happens while plugged in, and while unplugged, while the battery is still above 95%. I've left my machine unplugged longer just to see and it is just fine. The problem is quite random and semi rare. The battery drains fine and charges fine. However it did shut down when I was playing EVE Online just two days ago, while plugged in. This is what lead me to suspect that I need to do something about this immediately because it may not be battery related.

The time it shut down on battery power was after I unplugged it and was packing my machine to take back home at a hotspot. It lost power 3 seconds after I unplugged it, I hit the power button to boot up and the instant I hit the desktop screen, it shut down again. I did this one more time and it was fine, it had no issue staying on. So I put it back into sleep mode and put it in my backpack to take back home. The power failure didn't happen again until two days ago as I said above.

I also have an orange and green alternating battery light now, because of that power failure two days ago. I have not yet tried the info stated in this thread as I don't know if it will help my particular issue of the random shutdowns. The battery blinking light reminds me each day that I wake up that something is wrong with my computer so I like the light.

I have some other bizarre issues though.

The corner of my keyboard takes multiple presses to hit keys. "Delete, Print Screen, Pause, =, -, [, ], \" and then another key from a different area of the keyboard and only that key over there, the number pad 0 key. I have to hard press or hold or multi press to get them to register.

I recently found the sensor names for my fan speed and put that into HWInfo64 so that I can check my fan speeds. However, they seem, glitchy. They go grey every other check, which happens every 2 seconds. Averaging 2000 for GPU and 2100 for CPU. Not sure what the minimum speed is or the maximum but I got it up to 3400. There's also another problem. 5 days straight of this, it seems it causes the system to become unstable, and badly so. I shut down the computer to fix the bizarre system glitches like keyboard text lagging behind or start menu crashing and everything shut down fine, windows shut down, and then the screen turned off... But the keyboard backlight was stuck on, the power LEDs were on, and the fans were still going. I had to hold the power button to shut down the machine. It was outside of the OS at this point, there was no way the OS was keeping it on. The second time my instability happened, the backlight to my keyboard shutdown, the start menu crashed, and a few other bizarre issues I don't remember. Both times Rainmeter froze up. Same thing, shutting down kept the machine on but technically off. I had to hold the power button. I stopped running hwinfo and I can shut down normally now. Before I found the fan sensor names to monitor them, I ran hwinfo constantly, for months at a time even. No issues other than the corner of my keyboard problem which is unrelated probably.

I mean, if reading a sensor causes instability, there must be something wrong with the motherboard, right?


I've loved Asus laptops for a long time now, my first was a G74Sx, lasted 4 years and somehow the power ribbon melted according to the repair team who spent 2 months repairing the machine. Interestingly I didn't even know the power ribbon was melted, I sent it in because it took fall damage and the CPU fan failed and the keyboard was having issues. Other than that the OS worked perfectly, you'd suspect that if whatever a power ribbon is was melted, it wouldn't work at all.

I've looked into buying a new Asus laptop, but I don't like them anymore because Asus is removing keys I use from the keyboard, and worse making them come with two power cables. Now, I don't mind a heavy laptop as long as it is sturdy and has what I need. Asus is removing keys to shrink the keyboard for literally no reason at all. Its a 17.3" laptop, its not like the space for the keyboard is decreasing. Stop removing keys! I like my number pad, I like it to stay in number pad mode and not that crappy mode that makes my numbers activate things like end, home, page. I use my number pad for numbers, a lot. I also use my home key, end key, sometimes page up and down in games. I'm already annoyed the insert key was deleted and put inside my delete key, hows that for irony. I used to use that in games like Starcraft 2. For this reason, I may not stay with Asus anymore, as they keep deleting my keys for no apparent reason at all. I still miss media keys too but apparently no laptop designer does that anymore...

1. While you have the laptop apart to replace that battery you should remove the motherboard and replace the thermal paste for both your CPU and GPU.

2. Considering the battery problems you may want to look into replacing the DC-IN board. You will notice replacements of this this sub-board are getting very difficult to find. Many G751 users have had similar battery problems and have had their DC-IN boards replaced along with their batteries and charging brick.

3. This would be a good time to replace your primary hard drive with a new SSD and install a fresh updated Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019 Update). This will be an excellent time to utilize that Driver DVD you downloaded from that German website.

4. With everything apart, it might be a good time to checkout that problematic keyboard, a replacement requires dozens of screws.

5. Finally once you get that laptop back together, you should update your BIOS to the latest version that was released, June 2019.

6. Maybe a great time you just design and engineer a much better laptop yourself, or even purchase a new, better designed laptop (ASUS Mothership GZ700).

7. For you, I would recommend an Apple iPad.
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
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Do you not read this warning when you are running HWINFO64?
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

G751s are well known for battery failure

Level 8
I feel like your post, especially this bit here;
7. For you, I would recommend an Apple iPad.

is intended as an insult.

I specifically mention that it shouldn't require taking apart the entire machine to replace a single battery and you reply telling me to do advanced engineer level stuff. As if you're trying to insult me for not being as skilled with taking apart machines as you are.

1. I don't have heat issues. Nor am I going to take apart the machine just to test if my battery is the problem.
2. You sure do assume a lot, pretending that I did everything you said.

3. I already have two internal SSDs. System boot time is 3 seconds.

4. I do need a new keyboard, but its not worth replacing because Asus decided it needs to have the entire machine disassembled for a simple god damn part.

5, will a bios update require Windows to be updated? If so, can't do.

6, If the people who designed these laptops cared about making a laptop that can last, there'd be no problems. But they keep removing things people use and making them more difficult to repair.

7, again, clearly an insult, a deliberate insult.


Do you not read this warning when you are running HWINFO64?

Hmm, I do remember seeing that, but this was before I found my fan sensors and enabled them. This occurred long before that, and I believe I clicked do not show this warning again after I tested long term stability. I'm not sure if I remember clicking do not monitor or continue.

As I said, the problems only started, after I found my fan sensor names and edited them into the INI to get them to be monitored.

It doesn't cause high system load, or latency. It causes the upkey to be randomly clicked, and this continues for several days, every few minutes or hours, the upkey gets randomly pressed. Then when rainmeter freezes up, the big problems begin like the start menu freezes or crashes, the system starts to glitch about, dragging a window does that Windows XP effect of the window leaving an image behind every millisecond. Are you sure this "sensor warning" is still related to that? I can't find a setting that restores that warning so I can see which one that sensor is. I presume thats the same sensor as my fans? "ASUS NB EC: ASUS G751JT"

Why would monitoring a fan speed cause instability issues? Makes no sense to me. From my understanding all it should do is tell the system how fast the motor is spinning.


Something I forgot to mention, I attempted to uninstall the battery driver so that it would reset, it reinstalled its self in seconds, however it didn't fix the fact that the battery is locked at 97% with no charging. So I definitely know there is something wrong with the battery.

If you don't know the answer to your question.....

"5, will a bios update require Windows to be updated? If so, can't do."

I have nothing more to add.

Good Luck
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

Level 8
What we need is a remove reputation button, because you came here to insult me for not being an engineer or an electrician rather than staying professional. Just because you've taken apart computers many times, does not mean everyone else is on that same level either. Nor does it mean they are comfortable risking a screwup that could damage their entire machine and leave them with nothing.

As it so happens, I've been running hwinfo all night without rainmeter, seems it still has issues so its probably the sensor monitoring causing the upkey to be randomly hit. I can't figure out why that would happen from simply monitoring a sensor but whatever.

I've also noticed that some of the cores have hit 205F and experienced thermal throttling, so you are probably right that I need new thermal paste. I'm not sure when they hit that, I've been trying to push them again to see if they get up there again but can't seem to manage it.


Level 8
Ok, so my shutdown issues are because of the battery. For certain. The charge controller is dead and causing the random shutdowns.

As jdfrench3 said after being rude to me, the sensor I was monitoring is responsible for the odd behavior. Which if jdfrench3 had said without first insulting me by telling me to get an apple device, I would have been more likely to accept that and go disable that monitoring thing in hwinfo sooner.

I will now see if things improve now that I disabled monitoring the embedded chip.

I will also be getting a new battery at some point, not now because you still have to take apart the whole god damn machine to replace it. (THANKS ASUS... )

Level 8
Well Mikie21, it is a 4-5 year old laptop. 😛 I'd have been surprised if the battery wasn't failing. It just sucks that its the charge controller and not just lower and lower capacity.

Level 8
So to post an update. My USB port seems to have died today, I no longer think the battery is bad, I believe that the motherboard is damaged in some way. More and more keys on my keyboard are beginning to fail, now a USB port, and the battery at the same time? I don't think this is some sort of coincidence. I believe all of the problems have to be connected, and whats the one thing that connects all of these problems together? The motherboard.

I've head how Asus has gotten bad now since the splitup and people are telling me not to get another Asus machine. With all the problems I'm having with this one, I'm worried about that myself, on top of the fact that Asus keeps deleting keys from the keyboard even though there's no reason to.