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G751 Not having 120Hz?

Level 7
Is it correct that the G751 does not have 120Hz screen? It is a shame if the Asus people dont fix this. It has been going on for quite some time now. All the models before in this serie do not have 120Hz screens.

It is basically like having a racecar with a lawn mower engine. I really do not understand why the Asus people do not get a better 120Hz screen. It is not like the cost of a120Hz screen is that much more.

I guess Asus dont think gamers care about things like screen tearing and jearky motion.

I think lots of people are not going to buy this pc because of this considerable issue.

Level 7
Well as it will have a 860M/970M/980M it will not be able to handle more demanding games even at 80FPS anyway.

Only games like Dota 2 or LoL and other lightweights with simple graphics would benefit from that.

The 120Hz display would not be worth it considering the possible negative battery life effects.

-WhiteEyeDoll, since forever

Lets look at a quote." I have a 120 hz monitor as well, with a second 60hz monitor beside it, and I can tell you the difference is pretty huge. Everything just looks super smooth and fast. Normally when you drag a window around the screen, it leaves streaks and it goes out of focus a bit. In 120hz it stays in perfect focus the whole time and doesn't streak at all. It looks really weird at first."

860M/970M/980M? Im running a old gtx580. And I clearly see the difference. Anywas Do you always max everything out on your graphics card? From what I know, you can choose the settings for your graphics card to run how many FPS you want, depending on resolution, effects, details and many others.

And most games in this world is what you refer to;)

If you also read around. People clame that you also see difference when comparing to other screens running on same 60 fps! Heh and you can also notice it is 2 groups of people. The once that has tryed 120Hz, and the once that has not tryed. Generally if you want the screen to run as good as possible 120Hz is the thing. And if you have a 120Hz, your not going back.

Not being worth it considering the battery time? Are you running around gaming your "hevyweight" games on battery? how much batterytime does that give you anyways??? I think people buying this types of pc's have it plugd in 99% of the time

Level 12
Guys, the problem and the advantage of a 120hz screen is that Optimus can't support greater than 60hz displays so a laptop with a 120hz display won't have Optimus and will wire the monitor / video outputs directly to the Nvidia GPU - removing the need to enable the Intel GPU - which will reduce CPU temps and remove a whole host of issues that Optimus brings.

Without Optimus, the discrete GPU will be downclocked to run on battery. With the new Maxwell generation(s) the battery draw will reduce over the previous Kepler GPU's, and as Nvidia increases support for battery saving features and further advances in process will continue to drop the battery requirements, removing the need for something like Optimus.

Hopefully Asus will make a higher refresh 1080p without Optimus someday 🙂

Level 15
People wanted IPS, so we put IPS in them. 120Hz = TN.
You can always plug it into an external VG/PG monitor over DP/HDMI to achieve the 120-144Hz option 🙂 If you're on battery you're using Battery Boost anyway, which means you'll likely hit over 60FPS anyway. Plugged in and you're at a desk so can use an external monitor if you really need the 120+ option.

People want IPS? Who are theses people? Look at this conclusion from a screen review.

"Gamers will generally be happy with TN panels and their exceptional response time. Photographers and graphic designers should buy an IPS monitor instead"

The G751, is it not aimed at gamers? Maby the people wanting IPS, are the people looking for other pc's?

And I have heard this argument about pluging into other screens many times. I have a stationary pc, with an external 120Hz screen. When someone acquire an laptop. Maby it is because they do things like for example travle? try brining your laptop and an external 120Hz screen around. Is that something you think is normal and considered as practical? what about the size of a normal 120Hz external screen, nower days they are pretty big.(23inches and up)

In the end Many people are going to end up buying other pc's because of this! Hope more people soon see this

Level 15
No, that's not the feedback we've had overwhelmingly from here on ROG forums, from media, from other tech communities and from customers through our sales channels. If you look at the Tech Report's recent enthusiast survey results they will back this up also.

TN's have to be 8-bit grade in order to have a positive response now, as the color quality is better than most eIPS, but this is not available in 15-17". Wwe do use them for the 4K PB287Q and 144Hz PG series.

Level 7
The IPS screen is a big part of why I'm buying a G751. For me, not having to get the screen positioned just so to be properly visible outweighs a small disadvantage in gaming.

If it helps, there are custom-built laptops that still offer 120Hz (TN) screens. Check xoticpc and powernotebooks for a few.

Level 7
I'm also pretty sure that most of the 20+ reviews I saw on the G750 said they wanted an IPS screen.

Level 7
I am totally fine with using an external 144hz screen on my G751JY I just got, and I want that screen to be the asus rog pg278q but only if the G751 can do G-Sync. Can we get a definitive answer on this? If it is no, is it simply because Nvidia hasn't enabled it or is there an Asus-specific HW reason why it would not support G-Sync. This is a feature that I think is GREATLY needed on this laptop since it cannot push 120 or 144hz solid.